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Welcome to the second installment of my countdown of the Orioles Top 50 Prospects for 2018.  If you missed prospects #41-50 and my introduction, check it out here. #31-40   Rank – Name – Position – Highest Level – Age on opening...

HHP: OrioleDog Warns About Cobb

A word of caution on Cobb. Eno Sarris touched on him in a podcast I just heard - he's researched a piece he's saving...

Tony’s Take on Machado

by Tony Pente As Orioles fans, we watch Manny every day and we know how good a player he can be. We also know he's...

Finite Resources

Cubs principal owner Tom Ricketts said in the Athletic that he feels that some clubs spent in past seasons because of TV deals kicking...

HHP: thatbearflies breaks down the shredder on Manny.

One key area of focus of the discussion (I just watched it) was definitely that there is an uncertainty about Manny Machado. They emphasized...

Luke’s Top 50 Orioles Prospects for 2018: Primer and #41-50

Primer To start, let me introduce myself.  My name is Luke Siler, and those of you who frequent the message board probably know me as...

Pitchers and Catchers Report

I know. It is only the middle of January. But a month from now... Baltimore Orioles Feb. 13 Pitchers and Catchers Feb. 14 First Workouts Feb. 18 Position...

HHP: AZRon Does some projections

Last year's opening day payroll was $164.3M Scenario Projected $ $ Left to Spend (M) No Change 164.3 36.4 MLB Average Increase 172.4 44.4 O's Average Increase 188.1 60.2 Same Delta as 2017 182.0 54.1 10% Delta 180.7 52.8 20% Delta 197.2 69.2 30% Delta 213.6 85.7

HHP: Hard Deadline, Trial and File

Frobby's predictions Manny Machado: He's made $5 mm and $11.5 mm the last two years.    He's having a slightly down season but still may finish...

Dr. Shorebird at the Mini Camp

On the Right Path The position promoted by the Orioles this week at the Pitchers Mini-camp seemed to be full of O’s. Optimism and Opportunity!...

HHP: Davis has Cut by Catch 8

Davis has cut -- as opposed to bulked-- the previous few seasons, and both the eye test and empirical data (Statcast) support rapidly declining...
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OH Minor League VLOG #2

Tony Pente talks about the Orioles minor league prospects.

Orioles Hangout VBLOG 7/26

Tony Pente talks Orioles and takes on Hangouters questions.
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