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With the cutting of spring training phenoms Austin Hays and Anthony Santander, it's clear Orioles GM Mike Elias is sending a message that the future is much more important than the right now. That might be an...
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Spring Training Tracker: Updated thru 3/14

Austin Hays started in CF while Cedric Mullins started in LF could be an interesting development. Mullins has struggled with at the...

HHP: Deadline Trades Update by NOW

by Hangout Contributor now With all the new faces thrown in together in this spring's free-for-all "tryout" camp, I keep trying to remember who came in from...

Adam Jones Moves On

Undisputed team leader Adam Jones has signed a one year three million dollar deal with incentives that could pay up to 2.5...
Pic By: Craig Landefeld

Stewart only surprise in 2nd round of cuts

With a need in RF and coming off a solid September, DJ Stewart seemed be in a good position for a spot...
Pic By: Craig Landefeld

Opening Roster starting to shape up but questions remain

With two and a half weeks to go until opening day in New York, their are still as many questions as answers...

Spring Training Tracker Update as of 3/5

Top news of the day if that Brandon Hyde reported that Chris Davis is day to day with hip soreness. Alex Cobb...
Pic By: Craig Landefeld

2019 Orioles Minor League Spring Roster and Schedule

The Orioles got their minor league camp underway as they prepare for their upcoming season. Although some players have gotten pulled over...

No surprises in 1st round of spring cuts

Hunter Harvey was the only 40-man roster player cut from camp in the first round of cuts, but he was never really...
Pic: Craig Landefeld

Orioles Spring Training Tracker: 3/3

The Orioles are 5-3 through their first eight games of the spring. SS Richie Martin, C Chance Sisco, RHP Mike Wright and...

Early Spring Training Observations

One week into spring training is no time to start drawing conclusions based off performances. Never get too happy or too upset...
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OH Minor League VLOG #2

Tony Pente talks about the Orioles minor league prospects.

Orioles Hangout VBLOG 7/26

Tony Pente talks Orioles and takes on Hangouters questions.
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