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Jimmy Yacabonis pitched brilliantly for four innings and allowed D.J. Stewart to score enough runs for the Orioles to win.   https://twitter.com/PitchingNinja/status/1042570274133168129 Yacabonis struck out  four and walked one. He ran into a bit of trouble in the fourth with two hits....

HHP: We’re the worst team in the business (Ownership driving decisions) – Dan Duquette

By O's are Legends Some serious gems in this article. If Dan Duquette isn't retained, I'm sure he could write a tell all book during his...

Orioles Err and Lose 6-4

The NEW LOOK Orioles threw away a chance for a Dylan Bundy win with a massive error in the seventh inning. Is this the real...

Opener Game Lose 5-0

The Orioles, short on healthy starters, employed the bull-pening craze to face the visiting Toronto Blue Jays in the first of a series of...

Sunday Victory 8-4

The Orioles came equipped to play for a crowd just over 12 thousand on batting-practice cap day. David Hess pitched well for four and a...

Drungo and the Dark Arts

by Drungo Hazewood 113 National League pitchers have made five or more starts this year. Kevin Gausman is 107th in K/9, at 5.8. He has a...

HHP: TheOcean responds to Rosenthal

I understand it is easy to start theorizing when there is so little information about important things - but from Rosenthal's article, it seems...

Tony Explains Things to Roy and By Roy, that means all of us.

by Tony Pente You have every right to be a "glass is half empty" guy right now. Although I do think the system has some interesting...

Pitchers in Blowout Games – Fangraphs

https://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/an-incomplete-study-of-pitchers-in-blowout-games/ https://twitter.com/TheWeams/status/1038726930504318977

Orioles Lose in Seattle 2-1

Josh Rogers pitched very well. He only allowed two runs on four hits with two walks and four strikeouts. It was not enough. Even...

HHP: Bundy?

LookitsPuck said: I'd shut him down. Dylan Bundy was placed on the DL with a sprained ankle on June 26th. Prior to June 26th, he had...
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Tony Pente talks about the Orioles minor league prospects.

Orioles Hangout VBLOG 7/26

Tony Pente talks Orioles and takes on Hangouters questions.
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