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Buck Showalter is a guy who commands a room. He never struck me as a guy who wanted to sit down and be told something by some young guy/gal about baseball. I'm sure Buck thinks he was open to...

HHP: The Lure of the Orioles by TNTORIOLE

It is usually an advantage in recruitment of any professional to have some connection to the area...and I think the disaster that is the...

HHP: The Cubans

by sevastras Three solid prospects. Victor Mesa Jr. is going to be the top guy in this group but may be 3 years out. Victor Victor...

Victor Victor Mesa works out in Miami

"he Baltimore Orioles have a significant advantage ($6.5 million international bonus pool) and the same urgency to stock up controllable young talent. Five high-ranking members of...

Orioles Part Ways with Showalter and Duquette.

https://twitter.com/masnRoch/status/1047666873377198080 https://twitter.com/EddieInTheYard/status/1047634680290447360 https://twitter.com/masnRoch/status/1047639787832836096 https://twitter.com/RichDubroffMLB/status/1047666660142931968

Orioles say goodbye to Adam Jones with 4-0 win

Adam Jones took the field alone to start the game as he headed out to his familiar center field for one last time to...

We say goodbye to Buck and Adam today?

Both men who gave their alls for the city and it's fans. Plenty of seats available. Great weather. Read Read and comment Read comment and applaud  

Orioles Fall in Make-up Night Cap 5-2

A quality start from Yefry Ramírez to finish the season. Four strikeouts. Adam Jones went two for three. Mike Wright Jr. finished the game with a two...

Verlander Strikes out Ten While Beating Orioles

Dylan Bundy gave up back to back homeruns in the sixth inning. D.J. Stewart tied it up with a three run homer. https://twitter.com/MLBPipeline/status/1046168249631739905 Sean Gilmartin took the...

2018 Orioles Blues

by Roy Firestone https://twitter.com/TheWeams/status/1043801999165345793

HHP: Frobby Has Something Tell Us

Chris Davis went 0 for 4 last night to lower his average to .170.  He’s 1 for 32 over his last 9 games.  Assuming...
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OH Minor League VLOG #2

Tony Pente talks about the Orioles minor league prospects.

Orioles Hangout VBLOG 7/26

Tony Pente talks Orioles and takes on Hangouters questions.
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