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They are no longer on the 40 man roster and the Orioles retain no rights to either player. Beckham was acquired in a trade with Tampa Bay for Tobias Myers Joseph has been a long term Orioles MiLB and MLB catcher.

How Saddam Hussein may have contributed to the existence of Orioles Hangout

Reading through a cool thread on our message board jogged some memories about my own baseball playing days. Since it's pretty slow with Orioles...

HHP: Frobby Digs Deep Data On Team Speed

Last year the best baserunning team was +10 runs, the worst was -17.    In terms of just base stealing (as opposed to taking...

HHP: Tony Soprano – Player Development and Hitting Coaches

Quote "Multiple sources tell me that the Astros have spent more money on the hardware hooked up in Minute Maid Park than other teams spend...

HHP: Going Underground points out a question regarding the coaching staff

Like Showalter, the coaches are marred by the 115-loss season. What also hurts is that teams are assembling different kinds of coaching staffs. Gone are...

HHP: Atomic finds a nice WAR piece

I didn't realize this about Defensive WAR calculations. That a guy with a negative WAR at first base or right field could be a...

Brian Graham Out

Brian Graham has been an integral part of the Orioles Front Office for years, ran the MiLB Spring Camps and has twice been interim...
Delmarva Shorebirds

HHP: Frobby and the Prospects

Here are the ceilings of our top guys per OH: Hall 65 Rodriguez 65 Mountcastle 60 Kremer 60 Diaz 60 Hays 55 Hunter 60 Lowther 55 Knight 55 Hanifee 55 That’s 10 players who have a ceiling...
Matthius Dietz

Matthias Dietz – RHP – 2018 #30 Prospect

Matthias Dietz Age: 232018 Level: A/A+2018 StatsCurrent/Future/Ceiling Grades: 20/40/50 What we know: Dietz may be the most frustrating pitcher in the organization outside of Hunter Harvey. When...

Cameron Bishop – LHP – 2018 #29 Prospect

Cameron Bishop Age: 22 2018 Level: A- 2018 Stats Current/Future/Ceiling Grades: 25/40/45 What we know: Left-hander with underwhelming stuff, but above average control. Fastball sits 88-91, but his best pitch...

John Means – LHP – 2018 #28 Prospect

John Means Age: 25 2018 Level: AA/AAA 2018 Stats Current/Future/Ceiling Grades: 40/40/45 What we know: Tall left-hander who can flash major league stuff at times, had a nice summer in...
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OH Minor League VLOG #2

Tony Pente talks about the Orioles minor league prospects.

Orioles Hangout VBLOG 7/26

Tony Pente talks Orioles and takes on Hangouters questions.
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