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Over the years I've written three large pieces on the Orioles management or mismanagement of this organization. Although they made decent choices with Andy MacPhail and Dan Duquette, the issue at hand was that the Orioles still were run...
Delmarva Shorebirds

HHP: Frobby and the Prospects

Here are the ceilings of our top guys per OH: Hall 65 Rodriguez 65 Mountcastle 60 Kremer 60 Diaz 60 Hays 55 Hunter 60 Lowther 55 Knight 55 Hanifee 55 That’s 10 players who have a ceiling...
Matthius Dietz

Matthias Dietz – RHP – 2018 #30 Prospect

Matthias Dietz Age: 232018 Level: A/A+2018 StatsCurrent/Future/Ceiling Grades: 20/40/50 What we know: Dietz may be the most frustrating pitcher in the organization outside of Hunter Harvey. When...

Cameron Bishop – LHP – 2018 #29 Prospect

Cameron Bishop Age: 22 2018 Level: A- 2018 Stats Current/Future/Ceiling Grades: 25/40/45 What we know: Left-hander with underwhelming stuff, but above average control. Fastball sits 88-91, but his best pitch...

John Means – LHP – 2018 #28 Prospect

John Means Age: 25 2018 Level: AA/AAA 2018 Stats Current/Future/Ceiling Grades: 40/40/45 What we know: Tall left-hander who can flash major league stuff at times, had a nice summer in...

Brett Cumberland – C – 2018 #27 Prospect

Brett Cumberland Age: 23 2018 Level: A+/AA 2018 Stats Current/Future/Ceiling Grades: 30/40/40 What we know: A switch-hitting catcher who was part of the seemingly underwhelming package of prospects the Orioles...

Cody Carroll – RHP – 2018 #26 Prospect

Cody Carroll Age: 262018 Level: AAA/MLB2018 StatsCurrent/Future/Ceiling Grades: 40/40/45 What we know: Carroll came over from the Yankees in the Zach Britton trade. Carroll is a guy...

Jean Carmona – SS – 2018 # 25 Prospect

Jean Carmona Age: 18 2018 Level: R+/Short-A 2018 Stats Current/Future/Ceiling Grades: 20/45/50 What we know: A young switch-hitting shortstop who was acquired in the Jonathan Schoop trade, is all about...

DJ Stewart – OF – 2018 #24 Prospect

DJ Stewart Age: 242018 Level: AAA/MLB2018 StatsCurrent/Future/Ceiling Grades: 45/45/45 What we know: Stewart is an MLB ready guy, who offers above average power and patience at the...

Cadyn Grenier – SS – 2018 #23 Prospect

Cadyn Grenier Age: 222018 Level: A2018 StatsCurrent/Future/Ceiling Grades: 35/45/50 What we know: The Orioles made Grenier the 37th overall pick in the 2018 draft. He’s a polished...

Jean Carlos Encarnacion – 3B – 2018 #22 Prospect

Jean Carlos Encarnacion Age: 20 2018 Level: Low-A 2018 Stats  Current/Future/Ceiling Grades: 20/45/55 What we know: Toolsy third baseman that is more about promise than production at this stage in...
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