2017 Minor League Depth Chart

Orioles Farm

Tony Pente

Note: This is as of Apr 2, 2017 after break camp rosters. Top 25 prospects in bold.

POS Norfolk Bowie Frederick Delmarva
1B D. Washington A. Rodriguez A. Murphy P. Palmeiro
2B J. Giovotella E. Salcedo R. Andujar A. Juvier
SS P. Janish A. Marin R. Mountcastle I. Ortega
3B A. Castellanos D. Dosch J. Reyes F. Crinella
C C. Sisco A. Wynns Y. Mercedes D. Fajardo
LF H. Urrutia D. Stewart J. Hart J. Ring
CF L. Scafer C. Mullins A. Hays R. McKenna
RF P. Alvarez G. Davis R. Gassaway C. Billingsley
DH J. Francisco T. Nathans S. Laurino D. Alvarez
OF C. Dickerson J. Gonzalez A. Rifaela G. Grim
UTL R. Andino G. Rosa D. Turbin C. Clare
SP G. Ynoa M. Grimes C. Sedlock A. Wells
SP C. Lee J. Means K. Akin Z. Muckenhirm
SP J. Aquino B. Barker B. Gonzalez M. Dietz
SP A. Asher T. Scott C. Alvarado J. Perluffo
SP M. Wright J. Garcia/D. Hess O. Peralta T. Seabrooke
RP J. Yacobonis G. Cleavinger R. Love T. Humpal
RP P. Bridwell J. Hernandez C. Jones J. Bray
RP R. Rodriguez J. Liranzo C. Turnipseed D. Alvarez
RP R. Bleier R. Meisinger L. Gonzalez J. Teague
RP S. Crichton J. Keller M. Burke S. Klimak
RP J. Gunkel J. Bradley F. Romero N. Jobst

Key Injuries
RHP – Brenden Kline, surgery to clear out scar tissue
RHP – L. Leyva, lat injury
OF – M. Yastrzemski, offseason sports hernia
RHP – H. Harvey, ACL rehab


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