Scouting Frederick vs Carolina Mudcats 4/13

Cody Sedlock will lead Keys staff (Credit: Craig Landefeld)

This is a feature I will be doing this year that will sometimes be posted here and sometimes on our plus members forum. These are scouting thoughts as I view a game and not final reports, but they give you an idea of what I’m observing for future analysis

Starters: Cody Sedlock (Bow) vs Eric Hanhold (CAR)
Hanhold is a 2015 6th round pick

Sedlock: Primarily uses his sinking fastball which sinks enough that garners it’s fair share of swings and misses. Command is below average and when he gets it up and tends to straighten out and become hittable. Curveball can flash plus but command is below average though when he’s in synch it can be a strike outs pitch. In the 3rd and 4th innings went to his curveball, showed good bite and struck out two with it in the 4th. Got a ground ball out on slider/cutter with two strikes against the lefty in the 3rd. Tried to use it in the 4th, but got it up twice but both were fouled off down the right field line.

Austin Hays – After swinging through a low and outside 2-0 fastball, he lined 2-1 low-middle fastball for a hard ground ball single through 5-6 hole. 2nd PA, took a 1-1 down the middle fastball and grounded it into a 6-4-3 DP. Took a low, outside fastball and drove it deep over the Rfers head for an RBI triple. Showed good speed to get to 3B. In his 4th PA, had a fantastic at bat. Worked a hard thowing lefty to 2-2, then fouled off a fastball low and outside, slider under his hands, and fastball up and in. Checked his swing on a nice outside fastball to make it 3-2, fouled another fastball off before taking a low-middle fastball and driving it to the wall in left center. Used his outstanding speed to make 2B into a 3B.

Ryan Mountcastle – Swung at 0-2 high fastball to ground out 5-3. 2Pa, took a 2-2 high outside fastball and flew out to rightfield. Defensively made to two good plays coming in on the softly hit balls and making accurate throws on the run. Dropped the head of the bat onto a low inside fastball for a RBI single. Swung through a down and in backdoor 3-1 slider, then struck out looking on an inside low fastball that was questionable.

Randolph Gassaway – Back side doesn’t work with the front side as he’s out in front even on fastballs. Took a 2-2 fastball down middle and chopped it back to pitcher for 6-4-3 DP.

Jomar Reyes – Defensively is not as slow as his size was suggest side to side. Rocket arm. Got jammed on a 1-0 fastball to ground out 4-3. Ran hard. Weak contact on first pitch down the middle fastball from LHP.

Yermin Mercedes – Swung through a 1st pitch slider then grounded out to SS when he tried to pull an outside slider. Swings from the heels and definitely looks like he’s trying pull everything.

Christian Turnipseed – Strike thrower. Fastball, slider and curveball. Curveball well below average. Slider more of a cutter with late movement. Fastball doesn’t have a lot of movement but has some deception and gets some swing and miss.

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