Scouting Keys vs Carolina 4/16 – Peralta start

Austin Hays

Starters: Ofelky Peralta (FRE) vs Conor Harber (fastball, curveball, change – Org guy)

Peralta – Fastball, change, curve and slider. Fastball is his best pitch with good velocity, decent arm side run. Has some deception because batters don’t seem to pick up the fastball well and gets a lot of miss. Command of everything is sub par and he throws a lot of non competitive pitches and misses his target more time than not. More comfortable pitching away then in on batters. Curveball and slider are both below average offerings. Slider is almost a cutter do to short tilt. Change up is his best offspeed pitch. Command it’s better than then rest of his pitches with some fade and drop.

Austin Hays – Swung at a neck level 2-2 outside fastball to deep right field for a sac fly. 2PA, hit a rocket into deep left on a fastball that the leftfielder ran back and jumped and caught. Can’t hit a ball much harder. Made a  strong throw on a triple in the first inning but pulled it to the outfield side by about five feet. Struck out on half swing on a 3-2 low  backfoot slider from a lefty. Would have ball four.

Ryan Mountcastle – Swung at 1-2 spiked curveball in dirt, tried to hold up but went too far. Lofted a 1-1 fastball into leftfield for a texas leaguer that went off diving left fielder’s glove for a double.

Randolph Gassaway – Nice job of going opposite field down 1st base line on outside fastball for double. Got in on his hands on a 3-2 fastball for a pop out to 2B. Nice approach on a 1-2 fastball that he lined into Rf for an RBI single.

Yermin Mercedes – Showed quick release and strong arm on steal attempt but ball tailed into the runner and bounced off for an error. Swung at a slider in the dirt from a lefty for a K. Sets up in the middle of the plate too often and doesn’t call a great game.

Jomar Reyes – Swung through a low and in 2-0 fastball, then popped up 3-2 inside fastball to 1st base. Came in on a big baltimore chop that he rushed in and missed with his glove for an infield single.

Franderlin Romero – Fastball, slider guy. Fastball doesn’t have a lot of movement and slider can flash average but mostly beleow average. Command is below average.

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