HHP: Hot, Hot, Hot


“I just think about the start that Aquino gave them tonight. And the start that Asher gave them in his first outing, though that ended in a loss. Say whatever you want about Duquette, but the man knows how to fill out a 40-man roster to give maximum options for depth. This hot start won’t continue, but once again the Orioles are showing why they have been among the most consistent teams in the AL for the last six seasons.”


“No Tillman, No Britton, No problem.

Think about the fact that while every team has injuries the Orioles lost their #1 starter, their closer for a couple of weeks, and had the mercurial Ubaldo have back to back disasters. The fact that this team is 12-4 is amazing…and they figure to be better too. Imagine if Miley and Ubaldo can be legit pitchers even most of the time..then you add a vintage Tillman and watch Bundy and Gausman blossom. Sheesh, they MIGHT have something. Don’t forget Manny is just now waking up at the plate. Trumbo has done very little , MANCINI has given this team enormous options especially if can handle the outfield. This is a team that might be interesting…we will see how this bullpen holds up.”

Roy Firestone

“The Orioles are not even firing on all cylinders yet which makes their fast start so incredible. It is a great time to be an Orioles fan. Buckle Up!”


“In 1997, the O’s broke 12-4 and spent the entire season in first place.    That team lost its 17th game to fall to 12-5.     Can this team top them?    Tune in tomorrow!”