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In outing where the line was better than the outing, Shorebirds LHP Alex Wells was more effective than good by a scouting standpoint. With a lot of hard contact, outs on the bases, and a lack of missing bats, Wells should consider himself lucky to have given up just the two runs, one earned over six innings.

Alex Wells (Del) vs Freicer Perez (CHS)

Wells – Used an 86-90 MPH fastball, curve and change. Clean 1st inning with soft contact with a mix of fastballs and curveballs. Kept fastball down. 2in – An error by 3B on a chopped ball allowed an unearned run to score when he got behind on a RHB who took a low inside fastball and golfed it over left field fence to make 2-0. 3IP – Lefty hung in on curveball and grounded out hard to 1B. Got his 1st K of the night on big 1-2 curveball against a lefty to end inning. 4IP – Looked like a 1st pitch curveball to lefty that he inside outted for a single to leftfield. Lefties seem comfortable against him. 0-0 curveball hit hard through the 5-6 hole by RHB. Came back with fastball on first pitch to a RHB and was hammered deep into center but was ran down by McKenna. Got behind 1-0 on curveball in dirt against next batter (RHB) before middle outside fastball was hammered deep to right field but caught before warning track. Lot of loud contact outs. 5IN – FB to RHB to fly out to center. Three straight curveballs to lefty had him down 0-2, but then came back with fastball inside that he served in between 3-4 hole. Curveball looked much sharper. 6in – Wasn’t able to put away RHB on 1-2 outside fastball that was lined sharply into RF but Ring made a diving play to save the hit. Couldn’t put LHB away on a 1-2, a low middle curveball was jacked over the CFers head for a ground rule double. Another hard hit from lefty. Got RHB out in front on changeup to bounce back to him for out. Got his second strike out on a 2-2 change to RHB that had a lot of drop.

Twice seemed late to cover the 1B bag on plays to right side of infield that 1B fielded.

Fastball- 86-90, pretty straight. Commands it well for the most part but doesn’t miss many bats with the pitch. If he gets it up it becomes very hittable.

Curveball – Commands it ok, but can see some loopiness out of the hand and that allows batters to know it’s coming and doesn’t get as many swings and misses as it should.

Change – Change shows decent run and some drop, but he didn’t command it well. He did throw a really nice one that had good drop to strike out a RHB. Change got better as game went on and has potential to be an out pitch if he can command it better,.

Command: Threw 52 of 84 pitches for strikes. Pitches all around zone and may give batters too many good looks.

Ryan McKenna – Sawwed off on inside and up and fastball but was able to inside out the pitch for a single to RF.

Jake Ring – Swang over curveball in the zone and a low changeup. stayed off changeup on next pitch but then was a bit late on a outside low fastball and flew out to LF in foul ground. Made diving catch to his left on a hard line drive. Nice play.

Chris Clare –  Took a down and in fastball and smacked a long home run to left. Made an error at 3B on a chopper that skipped off his glove on a short hop.

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