Manny Machado
Manny Machado is one of the reasons the Orioles are off to their hot start. Credit: Mallory Pente

Feels like a gut punch. No offense whatsoever when the starter goes deep. Joe Angel says “At least no one got hurt.”

Starting Pitching

Kevin Gausman pitched six and two-thirds innings. He struck out two, allowed eight hits. Walked none. Two of those hits were solo home runs.


Mychal Givens allowed two hits in his inning and a third of work.


Chris Davis has Steve Sax disease, of the bat head. He can’t swing.

Manny Machado doubled twice.

Jonathan Schoop doubled and singled.

J.J. Hardy singled twice and J.J. Hardy once.


Jonathan Schoop missed a catch again. Gausman worked around it.

from Frobby

  • “In the third, with a runner on 1st, Manny charged a chopper that took a weird hop but he corralled it and made a perfect throw to Schoop, who dropped it.
  •  Later in the inning, Altuve hit a sky high chopper in front of the mound but Castillo grabbed it and fired to 1st, narrowly beating Altuve.
  •  Manny slid to field a grounder and threw to 2B from his butt to force a runner.
  •  Schoop made a diving stop of a grounder in the hole and threw the runner out.
  •  There was a play where Schoop was on the SS side of 2B and couldn’t get to a grounder hit just to the 2B side of the bag.    A quicker 2B makes that play IMO.
  • With runners on 1st and 3rd and nobody out in the 8th, infield playing in, a grounder was hit to Janish, who froze Correa at 3B, then flipped to Schoop for the force.   Correa took off for home but Schoop made a strong throw home, slightly off line to the 3B line but Castillo was able to grab it and make the tag.
  • Kim made a very nice diving catch to end the 8th inning.”

Box Score

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