Schoop hit his 11th homer of the season. Credit: Mallory Pente

Dylan Bundy won his sixth game this seam and Asher, Jimenez and Wilson were not allowed to pitch. Judge Judged. O, it was a happy time. Laissez les bons temps rouler.

Starting Pitching

Dylan Bundy pitched seven strong innings allowed both Yankee runs, He got Judged. Struck out three, walked one.

Relief Pitching

Darren O’Day allowed nothing to happen in the eighth.

Brad Brach pitched a shutdown ninth. He struck out two.


Mark Trumbo drove in the first run with a single.

Jon Schoop doubled in the other two.


No animals were harmed while playing this game. Despite it possibly being the worst fielding outfield ever attempted.

Trey Mancini has a hose.

Frobby’s Corner

– Schoop started an excellent 4-6-3 DP in the first inning, fielding a ball a couple steps to his glove side, pivoting and making a strong throw to the bag, and Hardy made a great turn with a runner bearing down on him.

– Rickard and Trumbo miscommunicated on a high fly ball, with Trumbo stepping in front to catch a ball that Rickard was camped in front of.    Due to the minor collision, the runner on 1st tagged up and went to 2nd.

– The next play, a ball was hit in the 1B/2B hole and Davis made a diving try and deflected it into short CF.    The runner on 2B should have scored, but ignited the 3B coach and froze at 3B.    (He later scored anyway.)   I think Schoop could have fielded the ball if Davis hadn’t tried for it.

– Mancini made a perfect throw from fairly deep LF to  nab Gardner trying to advance to 3B on a fly out.    Great tag by Manny on the play, letting the ball travel right to the body to get the runner by a couple of inches.

– There was a ball scorched towards the SS side of Manny on a hop, where Manny seemed a little slow to react and it got by him.   Not an error by any means, but a play Manny makes more than half the time.

– Schoop made another nice DP, charging a squibber, tagging Sanchez as he ran onto the infield grass, and making a strong sidearm throw to 1B from a tough angle that Davis did a good job to catch.

– Trumbo made a sliding catch on a high fly to short RF, though it probably shouldn’t have been necessary for him to slide but he got a bit of a late start.


Box Score


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