HHP: Tanner Scott Stats


by PhillyOS119

I was looking at batted ball stats today and I noticed that 58.5% of the batted balls against him went to the opposite field.  To put that in perspective, no one at any level of the minors or the majors (with at least 20IP) has a higher percentage.  The best in the majors is Andrew Miller with 51.8%.  I’m not sure what it means, but it seems like it is somewhat correlated with good stuff.

I was quite skeptical last year, I saw him pitch a few times and other than the velocity I wasn’t particularly impressed.  This year, after watching him pitch a few times, I’m a believer.  His fastball is a swing and miss pitch even when it’s in the zone, the slider flashes plus.  Hitters are quite uncomfortable.

Film by justd