by Roy Firestone

It’s too premature to anoint him anything.

We’ve seen a ton of flashes that never even got the pan..let alone in it, but something feels real here.

He’s an athlete who looks like he can hold his own in the field…maybe better than we thought.

He seems like he’s all business, kind of reminds me of Ripken in 83’…Maybe not MVP of the league but a youngster well beyond his years.

That’s why I compare him to Cal.

Seems level-headed, serious, and studious.

Cal was 22 years old in 1983 and earned the MVP and was instrumental in the clubs world title.

Trey Mancini is now 25 years old in his first full season.

Mancini looks like he is in control at the plate like Cal did.

I loved that he talked about going into the cage and preparing for two pitches.

I love that he wanted to see the pitchers slider and fastball. on Tv ‘because you can see the pitches better”.

Sure, maybe a lot of guys do that..but a lot of guys wouldn’t his two monstrous shots to tie and win the game…and both had everything on the line.

This kid is special…as far as I can tell.

The league will adjust, but sooner or later Buck has to realize(I think he does now) that Trey Mancini must NOT leave this everyday lineup…not against lefties..nor in any situation at all.

He will get better in the field.

He will get better at the plate.

He will get better vs. lefties.

He will get better as a ballplayer.

God, does HE look like a ballplayer.

Trey Bien.