HPP: PhillyOs119 on Aberdeen


This was my first time seeing most of the players, so I don’t want to jump to any conclusions based on one look.

Position Players

Chris Johnson (3B) – rehabbing, looked terrible, was fooled badly by breaking balls.

Nichting (CF) – loose swing, but not much strength, looked smooth in center but wasn’t tested, made one strong throw.

Tristan Graham (RF) – didn’t look like a pro player, the swing is ugly and long, swung at junk, dropped an easy fly ball, made a terrible throw, just an awful game and with that swing I don’t know how it’s going to get much better.

Jean Carrillo (C) – had a quick release and an accurate throw to get a caught stealing, also made a strong throw behind a runner that almost picked him off, swings hard at the plate, fairly long swing, blocked some tough balls but let a few get by (in his defense, the Aberdeen pitchers were all over the place).

Seamus Curran (1B) – Big dude, swing looks pretty easy, hit a ball to the warning track in center on a pitch he was fooled on, made a nice little play catching a pop up in foul territory right up against the wall.

Breazeale (DH today, C) – Interesting early leg kick at the plate, he lifts his foot really early, but it seems to work for him, decent bat speed, looks like he has good bat to ball skills and also took a close pitch for a walk, made a dumb baserunning error, was generally too aggressive on the bases (he’s not fast), does look like he has room to get a little stronger, first impression is the bat could be promising for a senior sign.

Jarret (LF) – Covers decent ground once he gets going, saw a lot of pitches, physically maxed in all likely-hood, doesn’t seem as athletic as a guy with has build and musculature should be.

Becker (2B) – a couple of nice picks and tags at 2B, Buck would be proud, I missed the double he hit, but he looks like a player, smooth athlete, I’m intrigued

McCoy (SS) – not much to say, no tough fielding plays, looks like a contact oriented swing, but didn’t impress, need to see more.

#45 (C) – The announcers didn’t have the player’s name, and he’s not on the roster yet. Got an AB against Pinder (Yankee pitcher on rehab assignment) and smacked a double off the wall. Maybe Luke Ringhofer?

Pitchers (The camera angle wasn’t good for scouting pitchers, it was hard to tell what pitches were being thrown)

Vespi (SP) – lefty with no idea where the ball was going, didn’t get hit hard but I wasn’t impressed, absolutely terrible pickoff move like I could jump on the mound and do a better job

Rios (RP) – another lefty, turns away from hitters during the wind-up, big leg kick, lots of deception, but also probably leads to his control issues, when he’s in the stretch he’s very slow to the plate.

Joe Johnson (RP) – righty, true submariner, I like the delivery and I think he has a future in a big league bullpen, that said, he didn’t have control today, did get a nice K against a LH hitter by bringing the ball under his hands (it looks like neither handed batters pick up the ball well)