Orioles Fall Short on Landing Fourth Rounder Jack Conlon


National and local sources report that Jack Conlon a 6ft 5inch right handed prep pitcher turned down a reported 900 thousand dollar over-slot offer to attend Texas AM. The Orioles still had savings of over 500 thousand dollars that they were trying to use to land a final selection from later in the draft. They were unable to land any other players by the 5 PM deadline.



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Michael Williams
Michael Williams has been an Orioles fan since the sixties when his family moved from Reading Pa to York Pa. Also, the Phillies and 1964. His Grandfather got the Chef Boyardee box seats and Mike was hooked. Brooks Robinson calls him not a fan, but a friend. He has been a member of the Orioles Hangout since early in the New Millennium and Managing Editor since 2011. Or so it seems. He lives in Harrisburg PA, down by the river. Not currently in a van.