HHP: Sign Him


by Roy Alan Firestone

They say you should never think of contracts after someone does something really bad or really good.

I get that.

It’s a long season and there are so many factors and hundreds of million dollars may be at stake.

Business dealing takes a sober mind, a pragmatic mind, and objectivity.

Manny Machado just had the game of his life and thrilled the home town crowd with a Grand Slam walk-off home run, one of three on the night.

Find a way to sign this player and do it this off-season.

Sure, he’s got bad knees which will become arthritic at some point.

Sometimes he sulks, and sometimes he doesn’t run hard.

But sign him.

This is a player of historic talent.

He makes plays in the field that even Brooks couldn’t make.

He hits home runs and will hit hundreds more for someone at some point.

It might as well be the Orioles.

It might take $300 million to sign Machado, maybe more.

Oriole officials want to know how willing he is to sign and what the price will be.

I say, make your very best offer now and sign him to a 7-year deal. Or more.

If we lose Machado, we will rebuild and the fan base will lose interest.

Attendance is already suffering.

If the money is there, make the deal.

Sign Manny Machado.