MLBTR Indicates Orioles Pursuing Alex Cobb


“The Orioles seem to be casting a wide net in their hunt for starting pitching, as they have been cited as having interest in quite a few arms already. While the organization has become known for doing a good portion of its business later in the offseason, perhaps it’ll be more aggressive on some pitchers this time around. In any event, the latest name connected to the O’s is righty Alex Cobb, with Jon Morosi of MLB Network tweeting that the team has interest in a hurler who long tormented them in the division. Cobb won’t come cheap, but could be an option if Baltimore decides it’s able to add a more significant contract. The primary goal, though, will be to ensure there’s enough depth on hand in the rotation.” MLBTR

This info is drawn mostly from the fact that the Orioles are interested in all pitchers having lost four-sixths of the 2017 squad.

Also, Jon Morosi tweeted interest.

Expect the Orioles to be linked to much pitching this off-season.




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Michael Williams
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