Orioles Money Yankees Money – Hang up and listen


by tntoriole

The Yankees are a behemoth financial organization compared to the Orioles.

Just in payroll alone, the Yankees spent over 1.2 Billion dollars from 2012-2017 which was almost exactly double the figure of the Orioles….so that is a 600 million dollar difference in payroll alone. Then the Yankees spend exponentially more than the Orioles in their scouting, staff, developmental activities, etc.

However, for the extra 600 million dollars spent during 2012-2017, the Yankees won exactly a grand total of 10 more games than we did in those 6 years and all of that 10 game advantage came solely from last years record compared to ours.

Money doesn’t create good baseball management, it simply enables bad management decisions to be papered over by money.