HHP: GMs under the Angelos Family


by foxfield

These GM jobs are rare jobs and even with the myriad of issues in Baltimore, it has become too easy to blame DD. He is and has not been perfect and I would gladly be open to another direction…But I continue to caution anyone who thinks bringing success here is simple. It is not.

Brady Anderson as GM? Because Angelos likes him? I saw this show, it was called Syd Thrift. I’ll pass. With Angelos we have dysfunction. We have had names, and no-names, winners, and losers…we have had mixed results at best. I’d like to note that if you look at Peter Angelos’ wiki page, you will see that two weeks after Sports Illustrated named PA as the worst owner in baseball…Brady Anderson wrote an Op-Ed piece in the Baltimore Sun saying that PA was, in fact, one of the Best Owners in sports.

I have always admired PA. But there is no way around this fact. He runs a dysfunctional franchise. Once considered the best run franchise in sports, the Orioles since 1993, in the best baseball stadium in the world, have endured 25 seasons. 8 of the first 9 had attendance numbers above 3 Million. None since 2001 and with DC having it’s own team it never will 3 million fans in one season again. Of the 25 seasons, 20 have ended without playoffs and of those 20 non-playoff seasons, 16 were losing seasons and 1 was a .500 season.

So yes, as hard as it is to get past all of the harm that DD has done to the beloved Orioles I ask all of us to look back at 25 years of baseball under Peter Angelos. If you are counting at home, DD has produced 4 of the 9 winning seasons and 3 of 5 of the playoff seasons. And yes the only non-winning non-losing season was his as well (the .500 season). That is in 6 years.

Brady Anderson, as GM will see the return to losing upon losing, with continued losing and losing.