HHP: OrioleDog – Good Lucroy, If He Still Exists

pic by Mallory Pente

On a macro level, more than anything, this move in the last 24 hours has got me thinking about the catcher position and 2018 as a win-now year. For the first time all offseason, I wondered is there a 1-year fit for Lucroy.

Susac’s atrocious 2017 was perhaps not much worse than Joseph’s 2016 and for most of this decade the industry’s consensus was likely that Susac was better. Neither of them are any great shakes, and I think Buck sees enough of Jake Fox in Sisco that my guess is he’ll only go there if Duquette makes him. I guess Moneyball-analogy wise, Joseph is Carlos Pena and Sisco is Hatteberg.

Good Lucroy, if he still walks the earth, could be every bit the impact player Good Cruz or Good Trumbo were on 1-year deals, and someone Buck and Dan would agree on.

If we have two $1/$10M contracts to hand out, I think there might be an argument C is competitive with SP4 as a spot to spend it for 2018 only. I feel Lucroy has way more upside than whatever 2nd FA pitcher we could get.