Frobby Thinks Jonathan WIll Lose


After exhaustively studying the salaries of other 2B when they had 4+ years of service time, I think Schoop will lose his arb case if he pushes it. Only one 2B with 4+ years of service has ever made $9 mm — Robinson Cano, who had 4.154 years of service time and thus was eligible for arbitration for the third time. Next behind him are Roughned Odor (who is under a long term deal that will pay him $7.83 mm when he has 4+ years of service in 2019) and Dee Gordon (who made $7.8 mm when he had 4.154 years of service; like Cano, he was going through arbitration a third time). All other active 2B made less than $7 mm: Castro $6.857 mm (4.150), Kipnis ($6.166 mm (4.069), Dozier $6 mm $4.100), Pedroia $5.75 mm (4.041), Murphy $5.7 mm (4.109), Harrison $5.25 mm (4.033), Phillips $5.187 mm (4.022) and under $5 mm from there.

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Michael Williams
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