HHP: Net improvement?



I know this is totally ridiculous, but just for fun:

Cashner had a 4.6 WAR last year. Ubaldo had -1.3 WAR. So 5.9 additional WAR with this signing.

Manny had a 3.5 WAR last year – let’s say he gets back to 6 WAR this year.

Trumbo has -.6 WAR, Davis has -.1 WAR – let’s just say they put up 0 WAR each this year.

Hardy had -.5 WAR. Beckham had a 3.3 WAR – let’s just say that change results in 2 WAR.

Miley had -.3 WAR, Tillman had -2.2 WAR – let’s just say their replacements put up 0 WAR this year.

That’s 14.1 additional WAR in 2018 than 2017. Or 89.1 wins.

Again, this is a totally ridiculous WAR exercise. But, even without another signing, it is NOT crazy the O’s can compete for the Wild Card in 2018.