Detroit is Cold; Orioles Lose 4-to-2

Craig Landefeld


Andrew Cashner pitched six strong innings in the freezing cold and allowed three runs. They call that a quality start. The Orioles did not hit again.

Player of the Game

Trey Mancini singled and homered, scoring both Orioles runs. He is the Orioles Hangout Player of the Day.

Starting Pitching

Andrew Cashner started in the bitter cold of Detroit. 1-2-3 first inning.  He walked the first batter of the second and Victor Martinez blasted opposite field.

Highlighted hitting moments:

Manny Machado and Adam Jones both singled in the first inning but were stranded. Jones singled again later and Mancini Homered.

Highlighted pitching moments:

Cashner struck out five, but he also walked three. Including the man immediately before the Martinez homer.

Highlighted fielding moments:

Second Baseman Luis Sardiñas, whose contract was selected Tuesday from Triple-A,  Norfolk, made a throwing error.

Highlighted Baserunning Blunders:

Manny Machado ran the Orioles out of a potential big inning by making the third out at third base for no reason whatsoever.

Box Score