Modest Two-Game Winning Streak, 11-6 Os

Craig Landefeld

Chris Tillman may have pitched his last but the bats awoke and all but doubled up on the hapless KC Royal. Orioles win the series and look ahead to a baseball packed weekend.

Player of the Game

Miguel Castro pitched four and two thirds scoreless innings on four hits one strikeout and two walks.

Starting Pitching

It’s hard to see Chris Tillman getting another MLB start though perhaps he will. He lasted an inning and a third. Allowed six runs. one unearned. Fielding again. A good Oriole and a great young man Sad to see this.


Ian Kennedy is good hittin’

  • Trey Mancini three for five with a double and a homer.
  • Adam Jones was also three for five with a double and a homer.
  • Manny Machado was two for three with two walks and a home run.

Other Pitching

Castro of course but also…

Fielding Exploits

Jon Schoop muffed a double play again. For Tillman. This time it hurt.

Box Score


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