HHP: Sessh Hates Pitchers Hitting


All this “strategy” stuff is ridiculous. It’s better strategy to not put an automatic out in the lineup every game and have him hit 2-3 times a game. DH’s don’t have to play the field, relief pitchers don’t have to pick up a bat. They are DP’s, but no one complains about that. Relief pitchers are one way players just as DH’s are. SP’s are one way players that are forced to play two ways and it’s boring. It’s not strategy. The so called “strategy’ comes from putting your team at an offensive disadvantage every game and spending the rest of the game trying to work around it. That’s not strategy. Strategy is not putting your team at a disadvantage in the first place and perhaps even giving your team an advantage instead; THAT is strategy. Strategy is not shooting yourself in the foot before the game begins and then trying to play around it.

Pitchers are paid millions of dollars to pitch, not hit. I’d rather them spend their training time on improving their pitches, command and mechanics.. not spending time in the batting cage just to they can hit as good as Chris Davis is now. I think what should be done is put a rule in that allows the home team to decide whether or not there will be a DH. Let the teams decide. I don’t think purist fans will like what they decide, but that’s what should be done. Let’s see what “strategy” the managers/players/FO of these teams think gives them the best chance to win is; having the pitcher hit or having an actual hitter hit that can put up solid or better offensive numbers. That is a strategic decision that is a literal no brainer.

I would also add that every time a pinch hitter is used to replace a pitcher, they are DH’s as well. The NL uses 2-3 DH’s every single game that don’t have to step foot on the field. Where’s the outrage?

If people are so adamant about players being “two way” players, then we should also make pinch hitters that replace pitchers in the lineup to pitch the next inning as well. It’s equally ridiculous, but if you’re ok with pitchers embarrassing themselves trying to hit and risking unnecessary injury, then you should also be okay with pinch hitters who replace pitchers to embarrass themselves trying to pitch the next inning and risking unnecessary injury. They have to be two way players right? Strategy!

If you’re not ok with pinch hitters taking the mound after replacing a pitcher, then you’re just a hypocrite. There is absolutely no strategic advantage to pitchers hitting or pinch hitting position players taking the mound. None whatsoever. It is a disadvantage and makes it harder for that team to win the game. It is not strategy or, at the very least, a stupid one.