Denise WIlliams

We attended both Keys games. Zac Lowther pitched very well, can see what all the fuss is about. Very advanced for this level. He is the Orioles Hangout MiLB player of the game.

(30-28) Tides [AAA] Lost 10 to 2

(26-31) Baysox [AA] Lost 4 to 3

(26-31) Baysox [AA] Won 10 to 1

(29-29) Keys [A+] Won 3 to 0

  • Zac Lowther allowed seven hits, but struck someone out any time he was in any difficulty. He had command of four pitches and worked confidently and effortlessly. Zac walked no one. Velocity caught by a scout up to 91 MPH.
  • Zach Muckenhirn was a scoreless relief bulldog.

(29-29) Keys [A+] Won 3 to 0