HHP: Frobby’s Fatherly Tough Love


Position-by-position diagnosis.

1B .153/.226/.240 — It’s the single biggest problem, and of course, Chris Davis is the single biggest part of that problem. But it’s worth noting that Trey Mancini has played 13 games at 1B and is hitting .184/.245/.327 when he plays there.

2B .187/.245/.306 — 2nd biggest problem, and again, Schoop is probably the 2nd biggest problem with our offense. But again, the guys who replaced Schoop while he was out hit a collective .116 there. Deep depth!

3B .234/.304/.381 — Danny Valencia actually has provided very good offense there (.316/.370/.482) and has the most at bats at the position. Beckham was super disappointing there (.192/.268/.288) before his injury and Jace Peterson has been awful there (.103/.222/.128).

SS .306/.378/.563 — Obviously Manny’s offense hasn’t been a problem, though he hasn’t been hitting well in June.

LF .224/.297/.351. This is mostly Mancini, who’s hit .234/.310/.373 there and has been slumping for more than a month now. However, the five other players who have played there have hit .194 collectively.

CF .308/.331/.469 — obviously this is mostly Jones (.303/.321/.473), but Gentry has actually outhit Jones in his limited CF stints.

RF .218/.279/.328 — this has been a real community effort with 6 players sharing the load. Anthony Santander had the most playing time in RF and hit a rousing .189/.232/.278 there. Rickard got called up around the same time Santander was sent down, and has hit .179/.233/.357. Gentry has the third-most PA there and is hitting .239/.314/.304 in that spot. Trumbo has actually hit well when in RF, .343/.378/.457. Colby Rasmus set the tone early with his .111/.200/.222 line before going on the DL.

C .203/.273/.326 — the current tandem is a little better than this, with Sisco hitting .231/.352/.352 and Wynns .222/.222/.389. Caleb played himself off the team with his .182/.203/.325, and Susac was an utter fail when he replaced him, .125/.125/.167 when he replaced him.

DH .185/.280/.346 — this has mostly been Trumbo (.214/.287/.357) and Alvarez (.181/.299/.386). Valencia, Jones and others have played there a few times and for the most part haven’t hit as well there as at their other positions.

PH – .293/.431/.439 — hey, maybe we’ve found the solution to our problems! Just start pinch hitting in the 3rd inning or so! Worth noting that of the two guys who have pinch hit the most, Alvarez has been very good (.417/.500/.417) while Sisco has been awful (.091/.231/.091). Those two have 27 of the team’s 51 PA as a pinch hitter, nobody else has more than 4.

Bottom line, we’re getting good offense at SS and CF, but lousy defense in both those spots. We’re not hitting anywhere else, though Valencia is a bright spot (again, with a big defensive cost) and Sisco gets on base at a good clip.

I still think, even after 69 games, that this team has to hit better than this eventually. Just keep Davis the hell out of there.