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Just some quick notes I took while watching the recent series, so please don’t mind the typos, sentence fragments, etc. I was just going to post this on the message board, but it started to get lengthy so here it is.

If you all have any questions on the terminology or my thoughts on these players, just ask here, on the message board.


DL Hall – Fastball touched 97 5x, 96 17-18x, was 95-96 most of the night. Threw primarily fastballs, at least 55 of 75 pitches. Got barreled at times, guys were sitting dead red fastball. First time seeing him throw a couple good changeups (82-83mph), flashed average but the majority were wasted, not near the zone. He didn’t have his best CB (50/55 instead of 60), it was 81-82mph for most of the outing and got slurvy, it looked like he was dropping his armslot on it. He didn’t command either offspeed pitch well. He’s going to miss more bats as soon as he commands his offspeed pitches better, I think we’ll see a spike in the K rate. He was struggling in the 4th inning with command and had the bases loaded with two outs. Pitching coach came out and he dropped a couple of absolutely filthy CBs, one of them I’d put a 70 on. The arm slot was up and the velocity was 79 instead of 81-82. Then he finished it off with a swinging strikeout on a 97mph FB (75th pitch of the night).

Brenan Hanifee – 92-96 on the FB with heavy sink and tail. Sat 93-95. Mostly FB, probably 65 of his 94 pitches. It can flatten out up in the zone, it doesn’t miss bats when elevated like guys with 4S FBs, but it’s still a dynamic pitch, it misses bats when spotted on the corners.  Also used his slider, which was the best I’d seen it, average pitch, flashed 55 and flashed 60 once. Can be a cement mixer though if left up (the HR allowed was on a hanger), doesn’t play well when it just drops. Much better when he finishes it well and it gets horizontal movement as well. Changeup is a well below average pitch currently. Too similar to the fastball, too firm, not enough velocity gap, it was 88mph all night. He did throw it more than in the past, about 10 times. Control is great, never even in danger of walking anyone in this outing. Command is solid in and out, can leave balls up or not finish pitches at times though. He could dominate Low A with just his FB (probably more than he already is), but continues to work on the offspeed stuff and it is improving although it hasn’t made the huge leaps I’d perhaps unrealistically hoped for (we’ll have to wait another year for top 100 prospect status).

Cameron Bishop – Fastball 88-92, sitting 90-91, mild armside run. Seems to play a bit above it’s velocity, but I don’t see anything particularly deceptive. It’s up from 86-88 earlier in the year which is encouraging. He threw breaking balls of various velocities (76-84) and shapes although it was a spectrum rather than two distinctive pitches. The breaking balls of all flavors were improved from what I saw last year with better finish. Not sure if he was just adding and subtracting or if it was two separate pitches. He was just throwing a slider in the 80s last year.  He also had a changeup 82-86, better slower, average pitch. Command solid, can throw strikes at will, good feel, can throw all pitches in any count. Fastball hittable, gets barreled plenty, will have trouble missing bats and avoiding hard contact as he moves up. Could probably be in better shape, big bodied, but looked kind of soft.

Trevor Craport doesn’t have the best glove, but his strong arm hides most of his deficiencies, I think he can be a fringe average defender at 3B. At the plate he reminds me a bit of DJ Stewart, he takes big swings, and misses by a mile at times, but always manages to put together strong at bats and makes pitchers pay for any mistakes. He doesn’t have quite the eye or raw power that Stewart has but there is a small but reasonable chance he could be an average starter at 3B.

Will Robertson has a long swing but above average raw power and an average glove in a corner with an above average arm. Don’t think he’ll make enough contact though.

Jean Carrillo has a pushy swing, good hand-eye coordination though and young enough that he could improve.

Kirvin Moesquit is hitting the ball with more authority, using his torso and staying connected better. Still an org guy for me, but it’s an interesting development.

Mason McCoy has trouble finding the barrel, plenty of defensive swings, you don’t see him attack the ball with authority. At SS, he’s polished and while he lacks dynamic range or arm strength, he seems to make a stellar play every game.

Zach Jarrett is still succeeding but I’m very skeptical that the swing plays as he moves up. Plenty of length and effort to it. Similar tools profile to Robertson for me, just performing better currently.

Branden Becker is less athletic and twitchy than last year before his injury, I’m not seeing the same upside. There is a potential utility profile with passable SS play and competent 2B/3B but he’ll need to get the ball in the air more. He hits the ball hard at times but there is too much swing and miss and not enough speed for him to be a low power guy.

Reed Hayes – Righty, t96, no control, release point all over the place, has a good curveball and deception, worth following in case he figures it out but he’s a mess right now.

Nick Vespi – Lefty, looked like he was throwing multiple fastballs, At least a two and four seam, maybe a cut FB too (or just some natural cut working glove side). 2S FB 86-88, 4S 90-91 with ride up in the zone that gets whiffs, tight slider at 83-84, CB improved from the below average pitch it was last year. Changeup firm, mid 80s, some tumble. Command improved. Disappointed that the velocity hasn’t gone up in a relief role, he’s going to have to max the deception and offspeed stuff to succeed at higher level at this velo range. He just chews through guys at this level though, he needs a promotion.

Ryan Wilson – Lefty, some deception (turns back to hitters). Solid 3 pitch mix, comfortable throwing CB and CH for strikes. FB 87-88, CB 75-78, CH 80-83. Good feel for pitching but will need a couple ticks of velocity if his stuff is going to play.

Tim Naughton – Righty, fastball t98, strong late life. Tight slider, mid 80s, didn’t see enough to know how it plays, but certainly some potential. Short arm circle, almost Joe Kelly-esque. Below average command, but fun relief arm if the command improves.

Jhon Peluffo – Righty, velocity down, command hasn’t improved, arm looks less free and easy, he appears to have lost athleticism overall. FB 91-93, still has good downward plane, but stock is definitely down.

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