HHP: Moose Milligan Solves the Orioles Pitching

Courtesy Orioles
Courtesy Orioles

I am going to advocate for my previous idea of selecting nothing but pitchers. 100% pitchers, every round, 3 years in a row. 40 rounds in the MLB draft x 3 years = 120 new pitchers in our system.

I’m not sure what we’ll do for positional players but we we can have some of the pitchers play in the field when they’re not pitching. They only have to make a few throws a game, it shouldn’t be any significant wear and tear. How many chances does a 3rd baseman get in a game, 6 or 7 max? No problem. Just think of it as long toss on an off-day. Same with the pitchers in the outfield. And if they pitched the day before they get put at first base where they don’t have to make any throws.

Think how awesome it’ll be. Just pitchers drafted. Our minor league teams will have never ending bullpens. We won’t have to scramble to find pitching depth because every team from Bowie to Delmarva will have nothing but pitchers. 120 pitchers! Some will HAVE TO pan out.

Someone blows out their elbow and needs Tommy John? No problem! We got plenty more where that came from!