Trey Mancini

Game One Recap

Os Shut Out by Price 5-0

Jimmy Yacabonis and new lefty Sean Gilmartin were tagged for four runs. Miguel Castro allowed one as well. The Orioles offense did nothing.

Cedric Mullins had a single and Adam Jones a double.

Box Score

Game Two recap by Section18

Trey Mancini goes 3-3 with a homer and two walks, Os fall 6-4

What happened to Davis on 3rd early in the game when he fails to tag up twice and score? Do we have a 3rd base coach? Buck on the post game said he talked to Davis about it. Dickerson told him they thought the ball was going to be fair instead of foul. So what! If I recall Davis was at least 10 feet off the bag. No intentions of tagging. Dumb ! Dumb! Dumb!

Wright comes in and grooves another one to JD Martinez. Why are we pitching to him? Why?

Has Wynns clearly moved ahead of Joseph? Joseph can’t throw anybody out it seems when I’m watching. Wynns is 5 for 11 throwing out runners and is hitting close to .275. Joseph seems to be catching a lot of the high scoring games we lose.

The play that ended the inning with Davis on 3rd had Pearce stretch at 1B and he clearly is off the bag when he catches it. Buck does not appeal the call. If ever a play needed to be reviewed it was that one. Our TV and radio people all seemed surprised he didn’t challenge the call. I thought he was receiving help on these plays.

Is it time for Buck to get tossed from some games on poor home plate umpiring. Tonight’s game was one of the worst I’ve seen with calls several inches off the plate called strikes in Boston’s favor. Embarrassing !

Whether he stays or goes AJ looks great in RF. Best since Markakis out there.

Villar at SS tonight did okay. He can play SS or 2B and I guess time will tell where he stays. Can someone explain why our middle infielders throw 3/4 arm to first base and throws are usually extra tough for our 1B to catch. Hardy always seemed to throw over the top and was accurate most of the time.

Why are we walking so many of the other teams hitters and why are we striking out so much. I believe they said 8 of the 10 walked Friday night scored. I think they said at one point tonight we had struck out 24 times in 72 at bats or in 24 innings we had struck out in 8 innings. Why ? The pitchers walking batters seems to be getting worse.

Box Score

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