Adam Jones Destroys Canada 10-5

Craig Landefeld photo

The Interlopers from the north retreated under cover of darkness after having been humiliated by the ragtag Baltimoreans. This the third of three separate such skirmishes.

Alex Cobb was awful. He looked like a losing pitcher. Many hope of his recent revitalization were dashed.Five and two thirds, five runs.

Adam Jones is a glorious magnificent monument of a man. Our fellow Hangouters saw the situation he faced and with the count in his favor implored him to shorten up his stroke and situationally pass the baton. He did not. A gargantuan four run blast deposited the Orioles in the lead albeit temporarily due to Cobb’s ongoing ineptitude.

Sean Gilmartin has no reason to get outs at the major league level according to the pundits in the Hangout Night Section. He did however get three outs and earned the win when the Orioles retook the advantage. Miguel Castro handed his responsibilities for the hold of the line.

Paul Fry did fine until the messy ninth counter attack.

It was vanquished with a Mychal Givens strikeout for the save.

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Michael Williams
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