Notes from Wednesdays Toronto complete the sweep game.

1. Nice win last night against Toronto to complete the sweep. Gentry is hitting I believe .265 according to the scoreboard at last nights game I attended. He has been hitting line drives all over the place since coming back to the active roster. It’s the best he has hit with us. Did someone at Norfolk make a change in his stance or approach? He looks different at the plate. I think he has moved his feet further apart. His speed and Andreoli’s is certainly a welcome addition to the outfield.

2. AJ looks like he was made for RF in my opinion. Less running for him and I think it will extend his career playing there. When he hit the slam last night it was fantastic. The small crowd was really into it. I can’t remember the player for us that had the big hit to LF for us in the playoffs a few years ago that helped us win the game against Detroit. Much smaller crowd but similar feeling. I believe it was a bases loaded 3-1 pitch to AJ and boom he crushed it to LF half way up or more into the seats. I can’t tell you how happy I was and how happy the fans were watching him run around the bases. Is some of that Ripken magic rubbing off on him since moving into his house? My regular seats are terrace box section 23 looking down at the Orioles dugout but during the later innings I like to stand on the flag court and sometimes go to the bleacher area and watch the games to see how our OF’s are doing out there. Different perspective being behind them. AJ and Gentry along with Andreoli totally change our defensive capabilities. I rate them a B+ as opposed to the old Mancini, AJ and Trumbo OF that would get normally a C – at best. The pitchers will probably be buying these guys lunch or dinner on a regular basis if Buck keeps them out there..

3. The same with Villar at 2B. Sorry ! To those Jonathan Schoop lovers he is a C+ player and Villar is a B+ player. It’s obvious if you watch the games closely or better yet attend the games. Villar is faster and gets to more balls due to his speed. Fact ! If he plays regularly for us at 2B he will steal at least 40 bases+ again. I don’t think he had any hits last night but he is a steadier hitter and strikes out less.

4. Did someone pass on my comments to Dickerson about our infielders throwing 3\4 arm to 1B? They appear to be throwing more over the top as I suggested like JJ threw when he was our SS. Their accuracy is much better over the top. I think most of the Latin players throw 3\4. I’ve noticed it with other teams players. Are they taught this growing up? Over the top will lead to more accurate throws..

5. This team right now is much more enjoyable to watch than before the trades. Even the dugout is livelier and everyone seems to be getting along. No team should be a one or two man team. Even Davis appears to be benefitting from the new cast. He is making more contact and it’s a shame they allow the shift because he loses a lot of hits on balls to the OF infielders are grabbing. Let’s hope he continues to improve his average now in the .170’s.

6. After Toronto swept us in their park recently to come here and get swept by us probably stunned them. Their manager had that “Who are these guys” look for all 3 games this week as our speed and defense and better pitching contributed to the sweep. Are we the best 40 win team ready to start September? There are some teams in September we are going to surprise with our new look. Boston, the NYY and even the Astros will see a different team. Even the Mariners and Royals will be surprised by our new look as we always had trouble with them in the past due to lack of speed and poor hitting. We don’t want to win too many games but just play competitive baseball the last month and hope we get the #1 or #2 pick. Is Witt still the #1 guy? I heard some people talking the other day on the radio and they say there are several guys that could be number 1 by next June. Position player or pitcher? Which way do we go? I think a position player should be number 1.

7. Attendance last night was the lowest I’ve ever seen. It was really hot. Every time I touched my forehead last night until about 8 or 8:30 I wiped perspiration off. It was like I splashed water on it. Still an enjoyable night. If you have bought tickets earlier in the season for games in September and are debating whether to go you will like what you see if you attend games. I have 3 more left and can’t wait for the next one. It’s always a great experience watching a game at Oriole Park win or lose. The people sitting around me in my terrace box seats were cheering loudly and the crowd on the flag court were enjoying things as well. You could tell by the smiles on their faces they were watching something different. Something we are not used to and don’t all of us like beating Toronto.