HHP: Drungo Says It’s All New


Am I wrong to think that the performance of the 2019 Orioles is almost completely irrelevant to their future success? Look at the 2011 Astros, the first of their 100+ loss seasons. Jose Altuve is the only player of any note who was still on the roster when they first made the playoffs again in 2015. There were 3-4 1988 Orioles on the 1992 Orioles. I’m just not that worried about the difference between 50 and 60 and 70 wins. They’re going to be 15-20 games out in June almost no matter what happens. My focus is how Delmarva and Frederick and Bowie are doing.

And the odds are that Hyde and the pitching coach won’t be here in four years, either.

I suppose the need for individual performance comes in the form of tradable assets. The better they perform the more that can be swapped for 2022 assets. But whether the 4th starter has a 4.88 or a 5.88 is kind of irrelevant.