HHP: Jamalshw – Data


Analytics is nothing more than an analysis of data and information. It’s right there in the word. GMs, owners and coaches have been using stats and information (scouting and otherwise) to make decisions since the advent of the sport. Analytics isn’t new. The term may be and the way the data is analyzed and leveraged is the key. I think it’s best to think of analytics as a method of decision making. We always make decisions based on information and data, the problem is when we make a purely “gut” decision that information is usually skewed to what we may have seen in a small sampling or what we believe to be true. Often, we find information that backs up preconceived notions rather than looking for an using information that contradicts. That’s the more valuable information.

Really, the one think I want out of Sig and company in terms of analytics is a more systematic way of analyzing and using the information. That means the statistics and metrics as well as the scouting information and all other information available.

If we’re going to get constant questions about analytics asked, lets make them actually make sense. As how we’re planning to blend hard statistics with scouting in player acquisition and development decisions. Ask about the tools that are going to be used to help synthesize the information into useable data. Asking if analytics are important and how important they are is meaningless. It’s important. It’s always been important. We’ve always used and analyzed information. We’re–hopefully–going to be doing that differently going forward. That’s the important part.