Here’s an input I consider alongside the defensive metrics.

Minor league games by position: 458 at 1B, 0 at OF. If the scouts and org thought he had a modicum of natural talent for OF, I imagine they would have tried to develop it. That the results have been what they’ve been is probably about what you’d expect making a non-outfielder play the position.

Great job by Trey Mancini to have hit his way to the majors, and frankly I’m curious to see if he can find an extra half gear hitting once he moves past having to try and survive in LF on a regular basis. A poor man’s version of Eric Karros’s career is probably his best case outcome if the hopeless LF attempt has indeed taxed his hitting a bit.

Earl in Weaver on Strategy talked about using guys for what they’re good at, and shielding them from what they aren’t. That’s not been what Mancini’s experienced up here.