Roch discussed in one of his recent posts; adding to the MLB roster is not the club’s priority. There is no need to win at the moment, and if Mike Elias is trying to implement “his” system, then adding established, expensive vets who potentially have become comfortable in “their ways” could be counter productive to the culture he’s trying to create. A coaching staff can provide veteran leadership. There’s like 10 coaches with the team at a time. I also don’t think he’s trying to spend any big money on the club. If he signs anyone, I think it will be for less than 5 mil or milb deals for bargain basement prices.

I think he’s trying to see what he’s already got in the system and he’s currently trying to figure out everything’s potential value and how it should be used because through the, lets say, next 3 seasons he’s going to add 200+ ball players through the drafts, trades, intl signs, etc. Those will be “his guys” and he’s trying to figure out what he inherited from DD and how it compares to the players he likes. This may lead to some prospect for prospect trades too.

Trumbo, Cashner, Cobb, Givens, Villar, Bundy, and even Davis could all be gone after this season. He’s cleaning house and trying to keep his spending down so they can sign young talent, hire scouts, etc.

I figured with the rumored 5 year contract, he’s probably most interested in the players who have 5+ years of control. Those are the players that he is probably most interested in assessing and understanding their value as they could potentially be here as he moves out of the rebuild. If he doesn’t see that player contributing to the team’s goals in 2021 and beyond, he’s going to shed them from the system one way or another. I am most interested to see which players he covets in this 5+ years of control group.

Below is a database of the top 101 players(with some honorable mentions) with 5+ years of control in our system (in my opinion of course) that I believe ME has probably targeted for assessment and the reasons why. I tried to rank them in an order ME would value the player. Its a good scope of who and where our system’s talent is.

Based on his trends in Houston, which of these players do you see ME valuing most? Which ones will he believe are overrated and may look to move to other teams? Which players may his analytics approach best support?