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The Orioles have spent over $100 mm on payroll the last six years in a row. They spent $140mm+, $160mm+, $150mm+ over the last three seasons.

The Padres have spent over $100 mm exactly once in their franchise history, several years ago when they spent $125mm, then went right back under $100 mm the following year. The O’s spent more in each of the last three years than the Padres have ever spent in their history. Even with Manny’s contract, the Padres’ payroll this year will only be about $90 mm.

The Rockies have spent over $100mm twice — $106mm+ in 2017 and $136mm+ in 2018. The Rockies have never spent as much as the Orioles spent in each of the last three years. This year they will be close to what the O’s spent in 2016.

The Rockies, by the way, drew over 3 mm fans last year and have never drawn under 2.5 mm since 2007. The Padres have drawn between 2.12 – 2.46 mm every year this decade. The Orioles’ high water mark this decade is the same as the Padres, but they have been as low as 1.56 mm and had 1.73 mm and 1.75 mm in two other years this decade.

In short, the O’s have shown they are willing to spend. That spending was poorly allocated and got them lousy results the last two years. It’s time to reinvest in infrastructure and the minor leagues. It’s not time to chase after expensive players.

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