Statcast Percentiles: 2020 Orioles hitters

Trey Mancini Pic By: Craig Landefeld

A quick look at projected 2020 Orioles hitters shows a lot of below average hitters using the key statcast categories that determine a player’s value bother offensively and defensively.

This chart gives the percentile the player performed at in relation to all major league players in 2019 in each category. The color scheme goes from Dark red for the hottest to Black for among the worse in the game in that category.


What are some takeaways? Trey Mancini is clearly the best offensive player but the even better news is that Austin Hays would have been had he qualified in PAs. A bit of a surprise was Pedro Severino who’s xwOBA (who some think is the most important offensive statcast category) was in the 56th percentile and was the only other qualified Orioles other than Mancini to be above 50%.

Main takeaway? This team has a long way to go to be a good offensive team.

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