2020 Top 30 Prospect List

Baltimore Orioles file photo Adley Rutschman

Starting on Monday Oct 12th, we will start releasing the Orioles 2020 Top 30 Prospects list.

With no 2020 minor league season and a five round draft, this is one of the most difficult top prospects lists to develop. But, after receiving information about the auxiliary camp, and doing some video scouting of new players acquired in the draft and in trades, we’ve put together or top 30 prospects.

Grading System:
Grade    Hitters                  Starters                  Relievers
80          HOFer                  HOFer #1    
75          Top 1-2                Top 1-2 #1    
70          Top 5                    Top 5 #1     
65          All-Star                 All-Star #1-#2    
60          Plus                      #2-#3                      Elite Closer All-Star
55          Above AVG          #3-#4                      Mid-Closer
50          AVG Regular       #4-#5                      Low-Closer/Elite Setup
45         Platoon/Utilty      #5-Swingman        Setup
40         Bench                   Up/Down                Middle/Long relief
35         Up/Down              Emergency            Up/Down
30         Org (AA/AAA)      Org (AA/AAA)       Org (AA/AAA)
25         Org (AA)               Org (AA)                 Org (AA)
20         Org (A Ball )         Org (A Ball)            Org (A Ball)

RankNameCurrent GradeFuture GradeCeiling Grade
1Adley Rutschman507070
2Grayson Rodriguez356065
3Ryan Mountcastle506065
4Heston Kjerstad406065
5Gunnar Henderson305065
6DL Hall305065
7Michael Baumann455060
8Jordan Westburg305055
9Dean Kremer505050
10Keegan Akin505050
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