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  • Nov

    Lacava turns down Angelos

    Written by Tony Pente

    Tony Lacava turned down the Orioles offer to become GM after he learned he would not be able to have control of who stayed in the organization and who he could bring into the organization according to a source.

    According to that source, Angelos informed Lacava that certain people had to stay in the organization although those names were unknown. He was also not given the authority to be able to hire his own people.

    Lacava took the high road and told the Baltimore Sun the reason for not taking the job was, “I'm working in a great place, a job that I love. It’s just as simple as that."

    If you are keeping score, Andy MacPhail walked away from working for Peter Angelos, Jerry DiPoto was interviewed and quickly took the Angels GM position, and now Lacava has turned down the O's.

    Clearly working under Peter Angelos' rules and regulations is not a plum job, especially for well regarded baseball executives who would love to be a major league General manager.

    It's hard to blame Lacava for turning the O's down. He works for a great organization and he's well thought of in baseball circles and should certainly get an opportunity with another organization soon.

    The Orioles could attempt to re-interview highly thought of Dodger's executive Dejon Watson, but it will be interesting if Watson is interested in working under Angelos's conditions.

    Internal candidate John Stockstill might be more willing to work under the conditions since he's been in the system for the last five years and understands how things operate in the warehouse.

    It's becoming more and more obvious that the Orioles will not have a GM in place by the start of free agency on Thursday.

    Maybe Angelos best option is to move Buck Showalter to the GM position and hire a new manager.

    **Update - A person very familiar with the negotiations disagreed with the statement that Lacava could not bring in his own guys, "(Lacava) requested for seven guys to be brought into the organization and all seven guys were approved. He was informed that some people were going to have to remain in the organization and he gave no indication that was a problem."

    The source also thought that perhaps Lacava could not get all the guys he wanted from Toronto and that factored into his decision. The source indicated that Angelos and Lacava made a connection right away and that Angelos was caught off guard by Lacava's decision to stay with the Blue Jays.

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