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    Ripken to Buy Orioles

    Written by Michael Williams

    Sources have reported that Billy Ripken is heading a group of investors that include, Keith Olbermann, Harold Reynolds, C. Dean Metropoulos, and The Topps Company, Inc.

    Current Baltimore Club Owner Peter Angelos could not be reached for comment, though a Mayflower Van was reported to be parked outside of his Law Offices.

    William Oliver Ripken, the lesser known of the famous Ripken brothers, was certainly a dark horse for this undertaking with his brother Cal Jr. often rumored to be the "owner in waiting.""Mom always loved him most," said Ripken when interviewed. Growing animosity between the brothers has been cited as a reason for this coup.

    Hangout Ventures CEO  Tony Pente was asked to comment on this story.  Pente said the fans he speaks to — his site,, gets 50,000 unique visitors per month — have never been so demoralized.

    "There's no sympathy for Peter Angelos anymore," he said. "There's no one giving him any benefit of the doubt. And that hasn't always been the case. Most people remember how they felt when he bought the team."


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