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    Matusz takes the Mound : Orioles Lose 6-2

    Written by Michael Williams

    4/9 Orioles Verses Yankees

    Brian Matusz facing Ivan Nova

    Brian Matusz threw 437 pitches in the first inning miraculously giving up only one run due to nice defense by J.J. Hardy and Chris Davis. His ball is up because he is trying to keep his velocity up. They are not all Robinson Cano so there is still a chance. He looks ok in the second.

    Wieters Crushes the Flag Court to tie the game. Reynolds follows with a double. Betemit and Davis both k'd to strand him.

    Another poor inning for Matusz but miraculously with two on and one down, ARod strikes out and Wieters threw Jeter out stealing by 25 feet. There is a God.

    Robert Andino got a fastball, and he did what he do. Standing on second with no outs  A Nolan Reimold infield ground ball goes for a hit, so two on and none out. Hardy K's and Nick grounds into a double play so ... Still tie.

    Reynolds makes a real nice play on MarkyT. Gary Thorne says "It's gotta be the shoes."

    Ok it really was only 97 pitches, through 4 innings but he gave up hit after hit and walk after walk and I have no idea how they only socred 4 runs on Matusz.  Oh. yeah. Because of J.J. Hardy.

    Darren O'Day, worked swiftly and efficiently. Breezed through his inning.

    Well not in his second inning. Andruw visted the left field seats on him.

    It's Five to One for who ever is counting.

    Somehow after the bases got loaded, Troy Patton went all "Clay Rapada" on Robinson Cano and got the inning ending double play. It seems like the Yankees should have 15 runs at this point

    Patton pitched nicely. Fast ball sitting at 90. Good curve.  Gave up a hard hit double on a hanging slider to Granderson. The slider is a bit flat. Gardner hit a little single through a hole and Granderson scores in a two out rally. Kevin Gregg has been summoned to save the day.

    Six to One

    Poster VaTech1994 had this to say about Matusz. 

    "Five swinging strikes in the third inning against the heart of the order. His stuff was fine. It was command. The stuff being fine is a really good thing. I agree though it means nothing if the command continues to be that bad. My guess is that it doesn't so long as the confidence is truly there."

    Wilson Betemit bruised a fastball off the right field wall for a lead off double

    Chris Davis pounds a ball off his foot then doubles down the thirdbase line for the Orioles second run.

    Six to Two

    Kevin Gregg doesn't give in in the eighth. The first out has to be recorded by a stellar play by Mark Reynolds on a smash to third that he and Matt Wieters turn into a perfect run down, keeping the runners at first and second. Gregg disregards this and makes sure that they become loaded. Unbelievably, The inning ends with no more pain. Gregg just does not give in. With a four run disadvantage, Kevin Gregg is money.

    The Orioles try to mount a comback and Wieters finishes with a four for four night.  Nick tries to get thrown out of the game after two absolute balls are called strikes, but I think Buck saves him

    Pedro Strop is grand. No one professes love for Castro, and the Sandman come on to keep four runs off the board. Robert Andino slams another double.

    The Orioles finally lose. Six to Two

    The indignity here.

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