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    Read this! Real Feel Good Story O's WIN 10-4

    Written by Michael Williams

    Well. I still can't get anyone to confirm that Kevin Gregg has arrived in the US. Maybe he defected to Canada. 

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    Can anyone confirm Kevin Gregg has left Canada? I'm holding out hope that he was mysteriously forgotten there and that no one speaks of him again. If he is still with the team... perhaps we could figure out a way to get him to challenge Hawk Harrelson in a fight to the death? Win-win scenario, am I right? I'm kidding of course. Or am I?! 


    LF Endy Chavez
    SS J.J. Hardy
    RF Nick Markakis
    CF Adam Jones
    C Matt Wieters
    DH Nick Johnson
    3B Mark Reynolds
    1B Chris Davis
    2B Robert Andino

    P Jake Arrieta


    White Sox

    Alejandro De Aza CF
    Brent Morel 3B
    Adam Dunn DH
    Paul Konerko 1B
    A.J. Pierzynski C
    Alex Rios RF
    Alexei Ramirez SS
    Dayan Viciedo LF
    Gordon Beckham 2B

    Philip Humber RHP


    A couple quick digs at tonight's opponent from Heave the Hawk-

    A.J. Pierzynski says, "Hawk looks more and more like a Muppet each day." Harrelson, who regularly draws the ire of White Sox players when he wanders into the clubhouse in search of "stray beers," has not impressed the players recently. "He comes in here the other day and has the nerve to offer up hitting advice," said youngster Brent Lillibridge, obviously underwhelmed by Harrelson's .239 career average. 

    Four Games at CellularOne according to Gary Thorne who sounds like he may be a little hoarse, possibly from covering the BPA over the weekend. Bowling is an exciting sport to cover. Ok, maybe he has a headcold. Poster Dipper9 was having a hangout discussion today on the merits of Subway and Blimpies. Gary Thorne says that Blimpies is America's sub shop. I disagree. Especially if it is right across the street from the Subway.


    The Orioles swinging early in the count against Philip Humber. Sits them down in a hurry.

    Jake Arrieta starts off with a 94 mph strike. Ground out. Two pitches. Palmer says Nolan Reimold is still bothered by his hamstring. Another ground out on a breaking ball four pitches. Dunn fouls the first fastball off, does not get around on it.  Then another. Throws one right by him. Best at bat of the inning. Three pitches. Total Seven pitches.


    Orioles 0 Sox 0


    The Orioles are making Philip Humber look like...Jake Arietta. Let's see if Jake looks like Phil.

    Mark Reynolds makes a nice play on a grounder. He is back at the hot corner for the Birds today. I am slightly surprised with all the ground balls that Jake has been inducing. Suddenly he is no longer throwing ground balls. He threw AJ a slider. In the right field seats. Now a single to Alex Rios. Still only one down. Rios keeps trying to make Matt Wieters throw him out. Alexi Ramierez pops out. Two down. Viciedo is down 0 -2 and Matt throws the ball into center field. Rios stole the base and then advanced to third on the throwing error. Jake gets the rookie left fielder swinging. No further damage.

    Orioles 0 Sox 1

    Humber goes 3-2 on Reynolds, he's throwing 92. Mark fouls off a curve ball. And another off AJ's mask. Then he flies out. The Orioles hottest hitter, Chris Davis goes down 1-2. Then he slashes a line drive single into right field. His swing is really dialed in. Andino singled as well. Chavez flied out to left though and J.J. Hardy gets the final opportunity to even the score. The count goes 3-2 and Humber wild pitches and walks.  The bases are loaded.  For Nick Markakis who is in a slump. He is eaten up with two strikes. The breaking ball has got him befuddled.  He grounds out. The bases are left loaded.

    Jake starts off the third with a K.  De Aza is a real speedy guy. He goes down by two strikes very quickly. He grounds out to Davis in a very deft play.  Morel strikes out and Jake is cruising again.

    Orioles 0 Sox 1

    Adam Jones singles to extend his hitting streak to ten games. Wieters Crushes a single. Hit almost too hard runners are only at first and second.  Nick Johnson  takes the first two pitches for strikes and is called out on the third. Mark Reynolds takes a called strike. The plate has gotten wider. A ball and several fouls. Then a RBI double. Runners at second and third. One out.  Davis is batting with a 1-2 count as well. Humber has now thrown 73 pitches. Chris fouls two off. The second one caught as a foul tip. Strike out. Two down for Andino. Andino swings at outside breaking balls.  He runs the count to 3-2 and fouls off the same breaking pitch. And another. He walks. Bases loaded again. Two outs again. Endy Chavez watches a great curveball for a strike. He swings through a hanging change up and can't stop a check swing on a ball at his feet. Bases left loaded again. Doesn't bode well.

    Arrieta is only at 42 pitches. Palmer is talking about watching Gary's bowling show and complimenting him on how he called those splits. Dunn grounds out, Konerko K's. Pierzynski, who homered last at bat, singles through the middle. A soft fly to Hardy ends the inning.

    Orioles 1 Sox 1

    With one out Nick Markakis doubles. Shame he could not do that last time.  Jones tries to hit one to Milwaukee. It is a a pop out. Real high. A wild pitch. Nick on third with two out.  Wietrs walks and there are two on with two down. Nick Johnson takes a strike. He is almost hit by the next pitch. He was hit on the hand yesterday.  He swings over a low breaking ball. Humber's stuff is swing and miss. He almost hits Johnson's foot.  2-2 pitch is inside. 3-2  He watches strike three. Johnson has not been impressive during the regular season. 


    The grounds are cut to roll fair and a nubber to third ends up being an infield single. It was not Reynold's fault. With one well placed fastball another two seam grounder to Andino for a double play. A long fly to Jones and the seven pitch inning is over.

    Orioles 1 Sox 1

    Humber is still pitching but he has got to be close to his pitch count on his first outing of the year. He is at 113 pitches. Will Ohman is warming up. Reynolds is batting with at 2- 2 count. He goes 3-2. Mark strikes out swinging. He's done after 115. Former Oriole Ohman faces Davis, who swings at two sliders. He strikes out. It is starting to appear that the Orioles should have scored when they had the chances. I am fairly certain that Kevin Gregg will not pitch tonight. I am still uncertain whether the team brought him back to our country.  Andino strikes out.

    Arrieta is still hitting 94 but has gotten behind 3-1. Taken for a strike. 3-2.  De Aza single over Hardy's head.  Morel is trying to bunt, but Jake throws two high balls. Now a strike. 2-1 De Aza is real fast. The bunt is down and Davis makes an error on the toss. Two on. Andino backs up the play so runners at first and second with no outs. Jake appears a bit rattled for the first time today. He throws a 55 ft breaking ball and Matt Wieters does a great job of keeping it in front of him. 3-0. To Adam Dunn, who takes a strike. 80th pitch. 3-2. He strikes out. Paul Konerko is batting with a 1-2 count, he has fouled the last two pitches off. 85th pitch to be thrown.  He pounds a double to drive in two. I told you those missed opportunities would come back to hurt the Orioles. That 85th pitch. Darn. Orioles defense failed them again.  Konerko is still a fine hitter. His approach was a very professional, very veteran one. An intentional pass to the catcher. Still only one down. Double play ball but Davis does not come up with the throw. No error this time, but still on Davis. Double darn. Ramierez bats with runners on the corners and two down.  1-2 count. Jake srikes him out. He has seven.


    Orioles 1 Sox 3

    Matt Thornton is to pitch and Nolan Riemold in to pinch hit. He does not. It is a 96 mph fastball that is inside for strike three. Nolan's eye is too good. Thornton is throwing very hard, Hardy grounds out to short.  Markakis has no chance at Thornton and strikes out as well.

    Arrieta returns for the bottom of the seventh. Two earned runs in this outing. The error accounted for the third. Jim and Gary are arguing about this, but it will get straightened out.  Jake has thrown 100 pitches. Viciedo singles and Gordon Beckham tries to bunt but Jake attempts to throw it to the fan in the third row. Matt catches it. A straight steal attempt and the second error of the game for Matt Wieters. The ball goes into center field and the runner is now at third with no outs.  A fan catches a pop up down the right field line. No Oriole got close. Now Beckham actually pops out. One down. Lillibridge (who pinch ran) is still at third. Jake has really pitched well, this game is not on him. The guys behind him squandered this one. The pitch count is 114. Reimold catches a pop foul and tumbled into the stands holding on to the ball. Unbelievable. Looked like it hurt. The run scores from third though. Maybe he should have dropped it. I am sure his ribs will tell him that tomorrow. Jake pitches 6 and 2/3rd innings today and is charged with two earned runs. Lindstrom strikes out his batter on a 96 mph fastball on the black.

    Orioles 1 Sox 4

    Matt Wieters launches a ball from the left side into the right field stands. Nick Johnson grounds out very weakly. Jesse Crain is pitching. He fell behind 3-0 on Mark Reynolds but got a strike on a take and one on a foul. He finally walks. Two strikes are called on obvious balls to Davis and then a ball in the dirt is finally a ball. Davis chops the next offering foul. Davis went the other way on a curve ball and singled. But there are still two out. Andino is up with the opportunity to knock in at least a run again. He is the go ahead run if he hammers one out like he did in Toronto. Palmer is raving about Reynolds' at bat. Andino luckily missed a breaking ball that was out side and takes two balls. He fouled off the next pitch 2-2. He's praying for a fastball ball and gets one over his head. 3-2. He watches his fastball go right down the middle. Dino lost his super powers in Canada. Harrelson just hollered "He Gone!"

    Lindstrom looks to be very much the closer he purports to be.  A.J. Pierzynski  has had a great night and singles. Nice inning plus by Lindstrom who gets a fly out to end the inning.

    Orioles 2 Sox 4

    Nolan Drives a 3-2 95 mph Santiago fastball over the left field wall to lead off the ninth. I guess his bruises haven't started to ache yet.  Nick Markakis gets two very quick strikes on him to watch the Orioles chances slip away. Three strikes away from the win for the closer Hector Santiago. Adam Jones is between him and his save. Adam Jones tries to tie it up on a swing but misses badly. Not this time. To Center Field BLOWN SAVE!!!! That is three home runs for the Orioles again tonight. An argument over the strike zone finally. Palmer referred to Gary Thorne's Bowling alley again. Paulino pinch hits or actually pinch strikes out, for Nick Johnson.

    I know we had to deal with those crappy Yankee losses, but somehow, this team is kind of like the one that won game 162. Flawed. But scrappy. And you can't defense that power. Strop tying to force extra innings. He's throwing 97 mph. And it sinks. What an arm. Two down quickly. It would be great to have free baseball. Pedro is sure trying to assure it, everything is 97. Unlike Verlander's 100 on pitch 128 tonight, but still 97. And it is enough. ON TO THE TENTH!!!! In spring training, this would be the last inning. And then if we did not score we would get a tie. No tie tonight.


    Orioles 4 Sox 4

    Reynolds hit a home run to center, that ended up a foot short, but it was dropped. Like really. Dropped.  Reynolds alertly gets the whole way to third.  He scores on Davis' double off the left field wall. A strike to Andino. He is trying to bunt again and still having trouble. The count has gone to 3-1. He fouls one off swinging away. Presley and Hardy are comparing sideburns. Andino hits a dribbler to third and Davis hesitates and moves to third. The defender hesitated as well and Andino is on with a single. Reimold slams a single to left and it's Six to Four Orioles. A push bunt to Beckham by Hardy and he beats out the infield single to load the bases with no outs. Markakis records the first out by hitting a ground ball to first that takes the force at home. Bases loaded for Adam Jones. One down. He swings like Vlad Guerrero, but just fouls off a ball. Then he pops up. Foul. And out of play. Adam Jones strikes out on an 89 mph fastball. Matt Wieters faces the bases loaded with two out. They have been loaded so many times tonight with two down. 0-2 pitch. He watches three balls. 3-2. He pops up. Foul. Out of play. Into the bullpen. A GRAND SLAM HOME RUN. as Gary Thorne says  "The finishing touch on a great Orioles comeback." 10 Runs on 15 hits. Paulino grounds out.

    On to the botton of the tenth. Pedro Strop still pitching. Can he hold on? He has an electric arm - when he has a bit of control, he is unhittable.  Strike out  looking to De Aza, who dropped Reynolds three base error. Evidently, the scorer changed his mind. Jim Palmer points out that Strop's change up is 90 mph. Fukadome pinch hits for Morel. He strikes out. Adam Dunn loves fastballs. That is what Strop throws. Two quick strikes. Rung up. The Orioles WIN! in Extra Innings.

    Orioles 10 Sox 4 FINAL


    Interesting occurences here

    CA-Orioles says "You can put it on the booooard... YES !!!!"

    Gregg a no show, so Matt Wieters and Nolan Reimold take Hawk down
    10 to 4

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