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    Orioles Remain Seething Wombats 5/2 Finale Orioles Annihilate the Yankees 5 - 0

    Written by Michael Williams

    Seething Wombats

    Chavez LF
    Hardy SS
    Markakis RF
    Jones CF
    Wieters C
    Davis 1B
    Johnson DH
    Reynolds 3B
    Andino 2B
    Arrieta P

    Weeping Weasels

    Jeter SS
    Granderson CF
    Rodriguez DH
    Cano 2B
    Teixeira 1B
    Ibanez RF
    Chavez 3B
    Jones LF
    Martin C
    Nova P

    I don't want to talk about the first inning. Really. I don't.

    Orioles 0 Yankees 0

    Robert Andino has learned to take a walk.

    Jake looks  good.

    Orioles 0 Yankees 0

    Shame about that first inning.

    Jake looks good.

    Orioles 0 Yankees 0

    Matt Wieters is a power hitter. We are undefeated when Nick Johnson gets a hit and he doubles. Andino singles. But. I don't want to talk about the rest of it.

    Jake Arrieta has five strike outs and his curve ball is filthy.

    Orioles 1 Yankees 0

    J.J. Hardy is starting tho heat up he led off with a double. I don't want to talk about the rest of it. Seriously. I don't.

    Eric Chavez mortally wounds himself  swinging a bat and his replacement can't find his shoes. Jake Arrieta has to wait 13 minutes and Buck is livid. It doesn't matter.

    Orioles 1 Yankees 0

    Davis walks advances on a wild pitch, Nick Johnson moves him to third on a FC and Mark Reynolds walks. Robert Andino hits it in the infield where Derek Jeter could no field cleanly.  Davis scores. Endy Chavez lowers his batting average to .105 and his OPS to .298.

    Granderson beat one out but the double play erased it. I think Jake is at 72 pitches.

    Orioles 2 Yankees 0

    Nick grew up on Long island. He may have even secretly wanted to be a Yankee. He chose to hit one 455 feet. Adam Jones got hit because of it. There is one out and Wieters is up. Nova ( which means no go) is up to 110 pitches. Girardi left him in a pitch too long. Wieters with a double as far as you can hit a ball in Yankee Stadium without leaving it. Adam scores happily. Clay Rapada comes in to face the lefty. A batter too late. Davis has no chance against Clay. Nick Johnson, on the other hand, has singled again. And driven in the Mighty Wieters. The Orioles have never lost a game that Nick Johnson has had two hits in. Cory Wade replaces Rapada and Reynolds ground out.

    The Yankees are weaklings. Jake Arrieta has become the man Buck taught him to be.

    Orioles 5 Yankees 0

    The evolving Deity Bob Dino is now three for three. Jeter finally gets to a ball, Andino was standing on second by the time he got the ball there- It was time for the oblicatory Umpirer's HOF'r call for the aging captain and there is one out. Hardy grounds into a double play.

    Jake is at 92 pitches entering the eighth inning. The Yankees have left four on base, all of them at first. No base runners to second yet in this game for the hapless Bronxians. Jake is at 107 pitches with one strike on Jeter. Two. Three. What a finish for Jake.

    Orioles 5 Yankees 0

    Markakis grounds out. Adam walks and Matt Wieters is at the plate. An infield hit for the slowest man in baseball. Davis pops out so does Nick Johnson. Another Johnson, Jim will determine the outcome.

    Pop out. Strike out. Groundout. The Trifecta.

    Orioles Win 5 -0


    Jake Arrieta (or Jarrieta as Jim Palmer called him) has a season high nine strike outs.

    Box Score

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