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    Last night's/day game as a metaphor

    Written by Roy Alan Firestone

    If you look at baseball as a kind of metaphor for life, it can be easy to also look at a game as a metaphor for a season.

    Last night’s nearly six hour marathon was a perfect example.

    Start with that.

    It’s a marathon.

    The baseball season is long, unforgiving, there are many peaks and valleys and for the Orioles it's a perfect reflection of who they are.

    A starting pitcher(Chen) who is new to a team and gives it his best shot, but is out of gas at about 90 pitches, and gives way to an array of bullpen artists.

    Arrieta, Matusz, were both struggling during this season and were demoted before coming back and making real contributions to the teams stretch run. Both were crucial in their performances last night. A pitcher (Steve Johnson) who wasn’t even on the radar, pitching so well when any mistake could mean defeat.  Also, Strop, O’Day, Hunter, and Jim Johnson; Where would this team be without all of them this year?

    Imagine 14 innings of shutout relief.

    55 extra innings this season and only 5 runs yielded. Amazing.

    The Orioles get their tying runs by a rarely used Ryan Flaherty and rejected castoff

    Nate McLouth having back to back hits in the ninth when tiring Erasmo (Spanish for

    eraser) Ramirez was replaced by Tom Wilhelmsen. Chris Davis tied the game

    with a two run single and the Orioles were off to a nine inning "bonus" game.

    Opportunities were missed by both teams, and some excellent relief

    pitching by both the Mariners and M's, turned the game into a combination

    cliff hanger and pathetic offensive ineptitude(just like a season).

    In the end, it was another seldom used, but almost miraculous contribution from a guy whose very name sounds like a literary figure in a Dickens novel .

    Taylor Teagarden.

    Nearly 6 hours. Nearly 600 pitches. Exhausted players. An Orioles win.

    I saw every pitch and hung on every single one. Trust me.

    It’s the Oriole season, I tell you.

    Heroes everywhere and no one for whom the rest of the nation seems to know much about. Or care.

    But Oriole fans do. If you saw this game till the end like only a handful of us did, you came away with one feeling.

    There is just something about this season.

    I can’t wait for the next game.

    Baseball is a continuing story of unfolding chapters in a novel you can’t put down.

    Baseball is a love affair.

    Football is a one night stand.

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