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    Tony In The Clubhouse 10/8 Peter Angelos Visits - With Quotes

    Written by Tony Pente

    I was in there when he made his appearance. I was talking with Steve Johnson when I heard a commotion behind me, I didn't want to be ignorant to Steve so I waited a minute or two before I finally turned around I saw him being introduced to the players one by one. He was all smiles as Lou Angelos and the rest of his entourage rounded up player after player to meet him as he made his rounds. Apparently Steve Johnson is one of his favorites so our conversation was interrupted as he was asked to go over and meet Mr. Angelos. Most players seem to know who he was after being told but I heard more than a few say that was the first time they had ever seen him. Jim Johnson reached into his locker and gave him an encased ball that apparently was the one he saved in win number 82. Mr. Angelos thanks him and seemed to be genuinely pleased with the gift as he looked it over. 

    The funniest moment was when he was introduced to Joe Saunders who was in nothing but his compression shorts. Mr. Angelos shook his hands and said something to the effect, "You pitched great in Texas, now go do that in New York." Saunders said he would and after Angelos departed, he had a quizzical look on his face when one of the Orioles officials asked , "You know who that was, right?" Saunders said no, and the Orioles officials told him it was Mr. Angelos, the owner. 

    BTW, Lou Angelos seemed much more connected to the players as it was obvious that they knew who he was and he knew who they were. No on in the media had ever seen Angelos in the locker room and certainly never after the game when the media was in there. Honestly, it was the first time I'd ever been up and close live with Angelos. He shooked a lot of the media members hands and joked with Buster Olney about calling him.

    It was pretty surreal.

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