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    OriolesHangout's Roy Firestone attends the Scouts DInner

    Written by Roy Alan Firestone


    Who has the nastiest stuff? Jim Palmer "Jake Arrieta"

    Roy's comments from Los Angeles last night.


    Talked to some scouts from opposing teams last night at the scouts dinner in 
    Los Angeles. To a man they all love Bundy, Gausman and Schoop and totally
    understand NOT trading any of them, interestingly enough, as much Schoop as any
    of them. I asked why. They said Schoop is versatile (can and will play shortstop) will
    get bigger and fill in his body and has power.
    All three are going to play this year with the big club.
    I talked to other Oriole people there and they loved the fact that Buck got some 54
    different players into big league games last year, which they viewed as a 
    development plus. Normally a team will use 40-45 players on the MLB roster.
    Jim Palmer was honored as a lifetime achievement award winner, introduced by 
    Rick Dempsey. Palmer was a riot talking about how the Red Sox had a reality show last year and Bobby Valentine was the star. ”Good luck to you John Farrell".
    Nobody seemed alarmed that the Orioles hadn’t made "moves" yet, but most everyone agreed that the Orioles aren’t finished.
    Thought you’d all like to know.

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