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    Norfolk's Outfielders

    Written by Oldorioles

    It'll be very interesting to see what happens to all the OFs in the upper levels of our minor league system. We just signed Kyle Hudson, which brings to nine the number of players who played OF for the majority of their games at AAA last year. They are:

    1) Dickerson
    2) Ford
    3) Jackson
    5) Hoes
    6) Pridie
    7) Avery
    8) T. Robinson (if he clears waivers)
    9) Hudson

    Now, I suppose it's possible they O's will go with another OF on their 25-man roster, but they already have four (Markakis, Jones, Reimold, McLouth). It's also possible Robinson doesn't clear waivers, but thay would still give them eight.

    Some folks might wonder about putting some of these guys down in AA at Bowie. However, that's fairly packed too. I'm assuming some of our new signings will be there like:

    1) Pettit
    2) Smith
    3) Greenberg

    You also have to think Webb deserves a promotion after his year last year, so that's four. And then, there's always the chance Urrutia get's his visa..that would be five. Also, Welty is still in our system...that's six.

    Like I said, it'll be interesting.

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