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    Spring Minor League Minicamp

    Written by Tony Pente

    According to The sun, the Orioles will hold a spring minor league mini-camp in Sarasota which starts about two-three weeks before their regular spring training. Here's the roster of players with some notes from me on some players:

    Age Pitchers (13)
    21 Berry, Tim LHP
    26 Boleska, Tim RHP
    21 Bridwell, Parker RHP
    20 Davies, Zach RHP
    28 Delaney, Rob RHP
    25 Gurka, Jason LHP
    22 Jones, Devin RHP
    21 Kline, Branden RHP
    24 Petersime, Zach RHP
    25 Petrini, Chris LHP
    21 Taylor, Matt LHP
    23 Wilson, Tyler RHP
    27 Zinicola, Zech RHP 

    Tony's Take: I'm a bit surprised Michael Wright is not on here unless he's going to get a major league spring training invite. It also appears there may be some VISA issues in getting foreign players into Florida earlier as Eduardo Rodriguez is missing. Oliver Drake and Bobby Bundy were not invited which could also suggest there are still some injury concerns. The Orioles may not want to get Josh Hader started too early because he was the only other high level prospect not invited who most likely will not be in major league camp.

    Catchers (5)
    26 Chavez, Zane* CA
    26 Joseph, Caleb CA
    22 Ohlman, Michael CA
    22 Russell, Steel* CA
    27 Ward, Brian CA

    Infielders (8)
    22 Boss, Torsten* 2B - 
    26 Britton, Buck* UTL
    20 Delmonico, Nick* 3B
    24 Kelly, Tyler# 2B
    18 Marin, Adrian SS
    21 Walker, Christian 1B
    27 Waring, Branden 1B
    26 Wheeler, Zelous 3B

    Tony's Take: Notice Boss was listed at 2B. This will be big for his prospect status if he can make the transition to second base and his bat continues to develop. Delmonico was listed at 3B which probably suggests his position in 2013. Look for him to be the starting 3B at Frederick this year with Walker playing 1B.

    Outfielders (3)
    21 Davis, Glynn OF
    23 Ruettiger, Johnny* OF
    22 Webb, Brenden* OF

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