Perfect weather for baseball today  Sunny and 75 - 77.  Actually, most any day is good for baseball down here. Fans got their money's worth today at the three ring circus; Chris Tillman pitching for Norfolk, Dylan Bundy for Bowie and Henry Urrutia and others taking game-simulated BP on field 3. Bundy's first pitch was a gopher ball, but he settled down soon after that.

The schedule for pitchers today was:

Norfolk vs. Tampa; Tillman (3), Wright (3), Belfiore (2), Delaney (1).
Bowie vs. Tampa; D. Bundy (3), Prado (2), Meyer (1), Bischoff (1), Loomis (1), Escat (1), Boleska (1).
Frederick at Tampa; Taylor (3), Guzman (3), Mahon (2), Mertins (1).
Delmarva at Tamps; Rutledge (2), Rivera (2), Louico (2), Fernandez (1), Joseph (1), Johnson (1).

The schedule for tomorrow (Wed 3/20):

Norfolk at Boston; Jones (4+), Gleason (2), Delcarmen (2), Zinicola (1).
Bowie at Boston; T. Berry (4+), Tanner (2), Walters (1 or 2), R. Berry (1 or 2).
Frederick vs. Boston; Gonzalez (5), Bywater (2), Tolliver (1), Howard (1), Schrader (1).
Delmarva vs. Boston; Bridwell (3+), Chalas (2), Baker (2), Givens (1), Price (1), Winegardner (1).

Today's Line-ups:

Avery CF, Hudson (T7)
Romero SS, Starr (T6)
Greenberg LF,
Waring 1B
Pettit RF, Smith (T6)
Kelly 2B,
Joseph C, Martinez (T6)
Vahalik DH, Dultz (T6)
Rosa 3B
(Available; Wheeler, Lartiguez, Frantini)

Bowie Line-up:

Bumbry LF
Adair SS
Delmonico 3B
Welty DH
Esposito 1B
Chavez C
Ruettiger CF
Ward DH
Nowak RF
Pena 2B
(Available: Balog, Martinez, De San Miguel, Wade, Gil, Pellegrino)

I will be attending the Orioles games at Ed Smith Stadium on Wed. and unable to file a report. I plan to be back for Thurs. games at both Twin Lakes and Ed Smith.