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    Oriole Minor League Camp News Friday 3/22

    Written by DocShorebird

    After a brief sprinkling, it was a fine day for baseball at Twin Lakes under cloudy skies with the temperature in the mid-70s.
    Jason Hammel started for Frederick and Tommy Hunter started for Delmarva.
    Henry Urrutia played in his first game as DH for Delmarva. He had an infield ground out and a single driven hard through the infield in the two AB I observed.
    Urrutia's single was followed by a 3-run HR by catcher Wynston Sawyer.

    Pitching schedule for today:
    Norfolk at Tampa: Belfiore (2), Bischoff (2), Prado (2), Loomis (2), Petrini (1).
    Bowie at Tampa: Gamboa (3), Mahon (2), Mertins (2), Winegardner (1), Zinicola (1).
    Frederick vs. Tampa: Hammel (5 or 6), Louico (2), Recchia (1), McCracken (1).
    Delmarva vs. Tampa: Hunter (3), Petersime (3), Fernandez (1), Joseph (1), Nivar (1).

    Tentative partial schedule for Sat. 3 23 (I will be at Ed Smith Stadium for the Orioles).
    Norfolk vs. Tampa: Delcarmen (2), Gleason (2), Zinicola (2), Myer (1), Schlereth (1).
    Bowie vs. Tampa: Hader (3), Walters (2), Schrader (2), Tolliver (1), Givens (1)
    Frederick at Tampa: Blackmar (4), Wager (4), Recchia ?? (1).
    Deelmarva at Tampa: Vader (4), Rutledge (2), Salas ??

    Line Ups:
    G. Davis CF, Planeta (T6)
    Mummey LF, Aguilar (T6)
    Walker DH, Kalush (T6)
    Ohlman C, Oliveira (T6)
    Webb RF, Sosnoskie (T6)
    Balog 1B
    Boss DH, Weems (T6)
    Simpson 2B (moves to 3B T6)
    Hutter 3B, Nathan 2B T6)
    Caronia SS
    (Available: Graham, Mosby, Narron)

    Delmarva Line-up:

    Kimmel DH
    Marin SS
    Urrutia DH
    Vega CF, Hernandez (T6)
    Howard LF, Hunnicutt (T6)
    Herbst RF, Bernadina (T6)
    Richards 3B, Veloz (T6)
    Sawyer/Russell C, Perez (T6)
    Vargas 2B, Vasquez (T6)
    Segui 1B
    (Available: Murphy, Bleeker)

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