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    Interesting and fun Orioles Hangout facts

    Written by Tony Pente

    Whether you are new or old to this community, there are always some interesting bits of information you might not know about how to get the most out of using this board. So with that in mind, here are a few things that might be useful to know about our board and just some plain old fun things.

    Advantages of joining as a member instead of lurking

    At almost any time I can look at the amount of people on the board and the lurkers will outweigh the members by about three to one. Yes, I know some people just enjoy reading the board and don’t want to post, but there are several advantages to signing in instead of lurking. First off, signing up is free and once your e-mail account is verified (to keep away the spammers) you will be able to easily sign in. Right underneath the sign-in there is a “remember me” check box. Once selected, your username and password should be saved for future use.  Secondly, you will be able to use the “What’s New” tab at the top left hand side of the board. This feature scours all of the boards and will highlight all of the threads in all the forums that have a new post in them since your last visit. I find this an easy way to peruse active threads in many different topics instead of having to go into each forum to see what’s new. Lastly, the 300x250 ad in the first post of each thread will disappear.

    Setting up a forum as a RSS feed

    Did you ever notice the orange RSS feed button on the right side of each forum in the forums menu? By clicking on that button, you can easily add any forum to your favorite RSS feed.

    Fun facts
    (As of 15 May 13)

    Threads - 47,189

    Posts - 1,531,381

    Members - 10,057

    Non Staff Members with the most Reputation points:

    Frobby: 17, 368
    TonySoprano: 14,502
    ScOtt: 13,702
    Roy Firestone: 13,154
    DrungoHazewood: 13,150
    Moose Milligan: 12,831
    Dipper9: 12,279
    Hank Scorpio: 10,374

    Last 30 days of traffic

    Visits: 267,434
    Unique Visitors: 46,600
    Pageviews: 1,938,901

    Washington had more visits than Baltimore

    That’s right, we received 17,570 visits from Washngton DC versus 14,462 from Baltimore over the last month. Now before you get too upset, “cities” like Columbia, Bel air, Lutherville-timonium and Towson were 6-9 respectively so a lot of the suburbs of Baltimore did not count for Baltimore.

    Thanks Wei-Yin Chen

    We got 150 visits from Taipei City and 700 visits overall from Taiwan to be our 4th most popular country.

    Jumping the great firewall

    Some people in China jumped through hoops to visit the Hangout with 187 visits from there.

    Egyptian baseball fans?
    Don’t ask us why, but our 7th most visits (514) came from Egypt.

    New Rochelle averages the most pages per visit:

    Whoever lives in New Rochelle, New York spends a lot of time on the Hangout. New Rochelle averages 142 page views per visit. OFFNY, is that you?

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