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  • Jul

    The Second Half Is Here.

    Written by Roy Alan Firestone

    Second half is here.

    That means more nights and days of me on the ledge. It means
    overreaction. It means overestimating the significance or importance of one game
    over another. It means the ranting, the agonizing, the doubt, the boasts, the sense
    that this team, this season, is somehow suspended in time and any more significant
    or historic(good and bad) than others. It’s me joining all of you in believing the
    hype and disbelieving just about anything. It’s the late inning extra inning games and
    shouting, no, screaming and cursing at the top of my lungs. It’s the finger pointing and
    ridiculing physical people who at their best, are the world’s greatest in what they
    do, and the belief that at their worst, that anybody could do a better job.
    It’s me (and most all of you) falling in and out of love, and hating and and feeling
    empty and euphoric almost at the same time every night. 

    A woman I once dated told me I needed to "get another team".  I got another woman.

    We are both better for it.

    I love this team so much I could burst, probably a bit like all of you.
    And I'd like to apologize for my behavior in advance.
    No, wait, on second thought, were among like minded people here.
    I've got nothing to apologize for.
    Lets go Birds!!!!!

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